Energizing Water with Chi Cubes




"You can place your water bottle on top of the cubes for 20 minutes, and your water will be energized with whatever formulations you chose.

When you drink the water you'll resonate even more fully to the energies. It's all about the law of attraction, so you can resonate at what you want to create! Similarly you can also clear and energize your other jewelry by laying it on the cubes for 20 minutes. The energy will stay for 72 hours, and then you will have to re energize it.

So if you wear your HighChi Jewelry with your personal jewelry that you've energized, drink your energized water and you put a small piece of your hair under the cubes. You are resonating very highly to those energies, so you must attract those qualities into your life. It's the Law of Attraction or Resonant Causation!"