Name: Paola
Profession: Yoga Instructor
Why I chose HighChi: HighChi chose me!
Passion: Life


Name: Andrew
Profession: Student, Singer/Songwriter
Why I chose HighChi: After speaking with you guys, and really being able to bond with Deborah, I knew HighChi was a great find for myself. After being told to extend my hand and feel if I could connect to any of the stone pieces, and finding that the green amethyst pendant reacted to me, I couldn't believe how completely true my connection was. The stone represented everything I was struggling with internally, and since bonding with it I've felt my life moving and a much more positive, warming my energized direction. I already feel balanced and centered and I lead my life with more confidence.
Passion: Music, as a Singer/Songwriter I live and breathe through music. It's the truest form of expression, communication, and the energy I surround myself through it helps me heal and transcend.
Comment: I love my HighChi pendant I wear it everywhere I go. It truly is an amazing piece and it has helped me rebalance myself greatly.

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