We continue to achieve important developments and breakthroughs in our technology. We now have in total over 250 Designer Energies in our energy library, each of them impeccable, pristine. We have over 50 different measuring devices in our research facility. We use 8 just to balance the energy, 6 of which were found in the great pyramid. What we have discovered in our research is that even the most seemingly beautiful energy if not properly balanced turns the energy signal into oscillation. In 1972 Wayne Cook, one of the great pioneers in our field was at Stanford University, and he proved that oscillation is worse for the body than radiation.  Almost all man made energies are oscillating because companies do not know yet how to test and balance. It is the wild west out there in Energized Jewelry and other energized products and there are only a handful of companies such as BioGeometry, Slim Spurling of Light-Life Technology, Safe Space, The Chi Machine, and HighChi who have done the decades of research, development and testing to insure beautiful energy.

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