HighChi Face Lift is the first computer program to provide all the advantages of a facelift on a computer, Big Screen TV, iPad, iTouch, or phone.

Using Ancient Egyptian and leading edge technology HighChi Facelift firms, tightens, and tones muscle and skin tissue. This technology is a synergy of: special Cymatic Frequencies, White Light for releasing negative emotions and stress on the emotional, mental, physical and subtle levels, and the 660-nanometer spectrum, which NASA has determined as the frequency of a healthy cell, creating the perfect environment for repair and rejuvenation.
HighChi Facelift supports:
  • Eye lift
  • Neck lift
  • Brow lift
  • Nasal labial fold lines
  • Collagen
  • Muscle tone
  • Elasticity
  • Stress relief
  • Weight Loss

We have combined these technologies with our new "Clean High" Energy Field, which is a special energetic detox, which gets you clean, and gets you high! Also included is the flower essence of Wild Rose, which promotes the state of self-love creating a deeply relaxing, and nurturing spa experience, for body, mind & spirit.

HighChi Face Lift also uses Superior Coherent Energy Waves, which negate the effects of the chaotic waves from Negative EMF's from your computer, DVD player, iPhone, iPad or iTouch. The HighChi Face Lift is specifically designed to transform negative electromagnetic energy fields into positive energy, similar to the healing energy Qigong masters are able to generate from their hands after many years of training. This same energy releases stress and raises vitality, creating a deep meditative state of relaxation

This HighChi Facelift experience has created not only a new option for health and beauty, but the highly desired need to perform such tasks at your leisure with the convenience of being:

  • Portable
  • Compatible with your phone, iPod, nano or iPad
  • Excellent for multi tasking
  • Wonderful for taking you into deep meditative states

This relaxing and rejuvenating experience becomes available to you anytime and anyplace. Use the HighChi Facelift application for the ultimate HighChi Spa experience!

  1. Eyelid Lift
  2. Cell Regeneration
  3. Connective Tissue
  4. Collagen Production
  5. Arteries
  6. Muscle Tone Optimization
  7. Skin Support General
  8. EyeLids , nasal labial fold lines, lip lines
  9. Sagging Jaw Line 
  10. Weight Loss- You can never be too rich or too thin!
  11. Circulation

Regularly $349, however if you would take a photo of your face before and after we can offer you the whole program at $249.
We highly recommend OxyVital Skin Care to use with it, as it too is energized, and it's important as it works synergistically with the FaceLift. OxyVital is $45.99 for 1 ounce and if you buy 3 bottles which you will use, it's $129 for all 3. OxyVital Skin Care is Organic Olive Oil bonded to oxygen and redolent with organic rose and neroli essential oils. It's so pure you can actually eat it, and it smells like a bit of heaven. Your skin is your biggest organ so what you put on it is very important. All of our oxygen supplements, have been upgraded so that they too release toxins, as well as and whatever is "not of the light." Interestingly enough in Lynne McTaggert's book "The Filed, she speaks to research being done that shows where ever cancer is present in the body, there is a lack of light.

"Those of us who are  using the HIghChi  Face Lift Program are  tightening up!  I was using it last night while speaking with my sister on the phone and I could feel my whole body tightening and tingling, not just my underarm where I had positioned the ipad. I could also feel it in my face, my legs, my tummy and even my thighs were tingling.One of the great things about this program is that aside from collagen production,  it works on circulation  which is  key to getting the chi and blood flowing and keeping youthful.  The other charming side effect is that it's also a sexual energy, so you feel very alive and sexy!We've also designed it so that it is a DVD so you can play  it on your computer, ipad or TV and you can fill your home with this beautiful Qigong master energy which transforms negative energies into yet more Qi Gong master energy.  It's also feels just wonderful and is a very happy energy. Most of all I love it because I can multi task. The only time I can use it regularly is when I'm meditating in the morning and my meditations are more transcendent than ever, and my inner guidance is remarkably clear.Georgia my assistant tells me my skin looks  "dewy". You can look "dewy" too! Please keep your comments and experiences coming in, as it is your feedback that will help build version 6.0"If at any time you experience any signs of discomfort, immediately discontinue use. Do not use while operating heavy machinery.
No healing claims are meant or implied. If you have a health care condition consult your primary healthcare practitioner before use. No statements made are intended to suggest or infer that using these products will cure or treat a disease.
The artifacts designed by HighChi, LLC are not intended to specifically treat diseases or physical conditions. Any references to the relief or mitigation of any physical symptoms are a result of subjective anecdotal testimonies of our clients' experiences. The descriptions published by HighChi,  about the effects of the subtle energy fields emanated by HighChi Energy are purely subjective interpretations of their effects, and do not in any way guarantee similar results for the user. HighChi, LLC takes no legal responsibility for injuries or damages caused by the interfacing of HighChi programs with electronic devices.

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