Don Paris PH.D., the inventor of the SE-5 machine (a radionics machine designed to measure subtle energy fields) has done a study on the gold plated MegaChi™ and sterling silver HighChi™ Pendants. His findings are most interesting and very much corresponds with the Kirlian Photography tests as well as the San Francisco Institute of Biofeedback studies in that it's very favorable… In Don's own words the results are “Really awesome.”….….just more proof that our Pendants WORK!

January 25, 2007

Dear Deborah,

Very interesting results. I have attached a chart of the readings. I did 5 test subjects and tested the 7 chakras before and after the MegaChi™ Pendant and the HighChi™ Pendant. Then I checked the General Vitality the same way. I think you will find the results quite encouraging. Overall they seem pretty equal in the effect. Both seem to have a stronger effect on the higher Chakras. There is a definite boost in GV. The least change was seen in test subject #5 (me) because I have been wearing the pendants. But even with me there was improvement in the GV.

Really awesome. I just can't quite tell which one is the best for me. I seem to gravitate to a different one on different days. I hope to do a little more detailed testing on myself soon….

Don Paris PH.D.


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