How to Care For Your HighChi Hoop Earrings

Follow these instructions and you will keep your HighChi Hoops a lifetime. 

1) The Key with the Chi Hoops is to make sure that the 2 prongs are closed. If they are loose, and not closing properly, just take a pair of tweezers and very, very gently push them ever so slightly together. Less is more.

If you push them too much, you will not be able to get the clasp in and then you will have to use the tip of your  tweezer to very gently separate them. 

Double check that you have actually put the catch inside the prongs, as sometimes it feels like you have, but if you gently pull on the hoop you can find out if it is secure. 

I also check my hoops throughout the day, as sometimes they get caught on my hair so it’s just a good practice. - Deborah

What our Customers are saying:
"I feel much more centered and have much higher vitality, which is very important to me. I’m also feeling less stressed, as I feel I can deal with everything I have to look after now, and things just seem to look after themselves. I’m finally in the flow."

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