How to Use Chi Cubes



"Chi Cubes are the essence of pure energy. Hold them and feel the nature of each Chi Cube, the energy distilled and stored within. Every Chi Cube’s energy is beautifully balanced and unique unto itself.” – Deborah Stuart – founder of HighChi


Place a Chi Cube in your left hand and quiet yourself. Focus and feel that energy. Do not be alarmed if it takes some moments for the energy to announce itself. There is no right or wrong judgment attached to this. Be patient and allow. Some will feel the Chi Cube become heavy. Others may feel a tingling sensation.

Notice where the energy chooses to enter your body. After experiencing several Chi Cubes separately, experiment with “stacking” multiple Chi Cubes together. Stack them one on top of another in your LEFT hand. Typically, energy enters one’s left hand, travels across the shoulders, through the heart meridian, down the RIGHT arm, releasing through the RIGHT hand. Many HighChi users find a stack of three Chi Cubes to be optimal. Again, there is no rule other than what you intuit. Be open and allow your playful heart to intuit what is correct for you.

Take your stack of ChiCubes and place them on your altar or other sacred place. This altar may be as formal or as casual as you wish it to be. All that is important is that it is your sacred space with objects that are special and holy to you.

Take a piece of your hair (Hair that has been cut does not contain DNA. DNA is only found in live hair follicles, which means you need to uproot hair in order to obtain DNA. Hair is made up of keratin, which has the same structure in all human beings.) and slip it under the stack of ChiCubes. Your hair contains your entire miraculous unique DNA helix containing the map that is you. It is, in a very real sense, a hologram of you.

We’ve all heard and paid lip service to the statement that everything in the Universe is connected. In our spiritual work we seek to do away with separation. Much suffering is caused by the illusion of “otherness.” As the walls dissolve between so-called Metaphysics and Quantum Mechanics Physics, we learn the truth of this. The very connectedness that exists between all things allows the energy from your Chi Cubes to “jump” space and connect with you no matter where you are. Your Chi Cubes may be at home on your meditation altar in Peoria, yet “find” you in the marketplace in Marrakesh. It will not be your imagination playing tricks with you if you suddenly find yourself resonating in tune with a stack of Chi Cubes across the globe at the precise moment you need to feel grounded, protected, or just plain beautiful. In science, this is referred to as “an elegant solution.”


When HighChi practitioners use Chi Cubes in conjunction with HighChi Power Pieces, they find themselves resonating at an even higher rate. The sum is greater than the individual parts. These energies can and do communicate with each other in the subtlest synergistic manner. It is the Law of Attraction at its best.

“One can only create what one can resonate. All of HighChi’s energies are beautifully balanced. With over fifty different measuring techniques and more than two-hundred designer energies, HighChi is the ‘Haute Couture’ of Subtle Energy Science!” – Deborah Stuart

More Information:

HighChi’s Acrylic Chi Cubes bond extremely well to subtle energy. To energize our Chi Cubes, we use a combination of Ancient Egyptian Sacred Geometric Prayers for very specific intentions; for example, Healthy Heart, Healthy Eyes, Healing, Attracting True Love, etc. Each, in turn, is amplified further with HighChi’s own beautifully balanced energies, giving each its own sacred geometric stamp.

Each prayer resonates to the Higher Harmonic of Gold, which presents itself when we pray.

“To me, these Prayers are sacred geometric lines acting like tiny brushes to sweep away obstacles. When we use Chi Cubes or wear HighChi Power Pieces, we are enveloped in a beautiful cocoon of Divine energy. This cocoon serves as an energy portal to the Divine, both sending and receiving energetic information. When we amplify these beautiful prayers with our own Life Force, there is enormous grace. When one asks for one’s Heart Wishes, through meditation and or prayer, energy is amplified. Ask and you will receive.” – Deborah Stuart

Dr. Dominique Surel has also measured the Chi Cubes and our HighChi Power Pieces, and the higher she measured up from them, the stronger the energy! Let Yourself be Lifted.

Do not clean with any chemical based products like Windex.
Just use a soft cloth and buff. If you get scratches, use NOVUS2 to remove.

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"We have a few energy formulations that are proving to be crowd pleasers, including one called Manifestation Gold, which is particularly powerful for manifesting your dreams and visions. I use this all the time when programing for myself, my family and the world at large, and I have been thrilled with the results.

I keep the full range of cubes on a plate on my altar and choose whichever energies I need that day – but whichever energies I select, I always use Prayer Flag or Life Force as the top cube because these are generating energies that work to amplify the others.

Personally, I love to combine Life Force, Immune System and Acupoints. I'm also using Collagen, Skin Support and Muscle Tone, and HGH together, driven once again by Life Force on the top. When I wear or hold my HighChi power pieces in combinations such as these, I find they create an energetic synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Another combination that works very well is Manifestation Gold (part of our magic series), Jupiter (a major force in bringing good luck into your life) and 12 Higher Harmonics, which will clear and cleanse your chakras, the measuring devices through which we receive from the Universe. Top this up with Life Force and you will have a truly magnificent combination.

You may be finding that your life is too stressful and you are drawn to Inner Peace. Try combining this with Self Love and Calm, topped up of course with Life Force or Prayer Flag for amplified results.

Please call me with any questions you may have. I would be happy to help you come up with a combination specifically for your needs. And if you feel the need for other energies that are not yet on our list, please let us know. We can look into designing these for you." - Deborah

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This is how one of our clients creates with our Chi Cubes! 
All relationship cubes on orange.
All health on green.
All success/good fortune on purple.