"Chi Cubes are the essence of pure energy. Hold them and feel the nature of each Chi Cube, the powerful energy stored within. Every Chi Cube’s energy is beautifully balanced and tested.” – Deborah Stuart , Founder 

Place a Chi Cube in your left hand and quiet yourself. Focus and feel that energy. Do not be alarmed if it takes some moments for the energy to announce itself. There is no right or wrong judgment attached to this. Be patient and allow. Some will feel the Chi Cube become heavy. Others may feel a tingling sensation. 

Notice where the energy chooses to enter your body. Typically, energy enters one’s left hand, travels across the shoulders, through the heart meridian and releasing through the RIGHT hand. Many users find a stack of three identical Chi Cubes to be optimal. Again, there is no rule other than what your intuition guides you to. Be open and allow your playful heart to intuit what is correct for you. 

Take your Chi Cubes and put them in your pocket, your bag, altar, on top of a polaroid photograph. With the polaroids you can work with your pets or someone that you want to help with these powerful energy intentions. A Polaroid photo is a holographic image and when used with the Chi Cubes, it creates a more effective delivery method. Generally speaking, we recommend using a maximum of 3 Chi Cubes of the same energy at a time on the Polaroid.

We’re all becoming more aware that everything in the Universe is connected. As the walls dissolve between so-called Metaphysics and Quantum Mechanics Physics, we learn the truth of this. The very connectedness that exists between all things allows the energy from your Chi Cubes to “jump” space and connect with you no matter where you are. Your Chi Cubes may be on your polaroid at home on your meditation altar in Peoria, yet “find” you in the marketplace in Marrakesh. It will not be your imagination playing tricks with you if you suddenly find yourself resonating in tune with your Chi Cubes across the globe at the precise moment you need to feel grounded, protected, or just plain beautiful. 

When HighChi practitioners use Chi Cubes in conjunction with HighChi Power Pieces, they find themselves resonating at an even higher resonant frequency. This creates a synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. It is the Law of Attraction at its best.

Polaroid for Chi Cubes 

Energizing water with Chi Cubes

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