To receive the full energy benefits and protection of your HighChi Mala there are 2 ways to wear it.

  • Wrapped around your left wrist as your energy comes in through your left hand across your heart meridian and down your right.
  • As a necklace because the sacred geometry pendants fall at your power center or third chakra which feels wonderfully protective. Our third is our most vulnerable chakra, and this is where we cord each other energetically when we are not feeling our true feelings. When we won’t feel, we disconnect from Source and because we so deeply want to connect we end up cording each other energetically through or third or fifth chakras, which never feels good.

By wearing your HighChi mala you can be sovereign in your own energy field with your own direct connection to Source Energy, and more fully receive the magnificence of who you truly are, and have always been.

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