Using a synergy of ancient Egyptian and quantum technologies, HighChi Power pieces help protect the wearer from the effects of negative frequencies generated by wireless technology, including cellphones, and even negative energies from others.

Over 19 years of research and development have gone into making HighChi Jewelry the ultimate synergy of protection, high vitality and subtle energy armoring. HighChi Power Pieces are energy tools that lift your resonance, the key to living a beautiful life.

Doing the Work Disclaimer:
At HighChi, we strongly stress the distinction between using energy tools and the misconception that energy tools by themselves somehow turn into ‘quick fix’ solutions. 

Although HighChi shifts one’s energy into that of a higher resonance signature, this is just the first step. The individual must practice using HighChi Power Pieces as energy tools. To quote founder Deborah Stuart, “HighChi will not brush your teeth for you…However if you are willing to do the work, you can create amazing and wonderful changes in your reality.” 

How to use HighChi Power Pieces as Energy Tools for consciously creating success 

What our Customers are saying:
"It’s just wonderful! It’s been 90 days since I’ve been wearing it and I cannot believe how much energy I have. People are stopping me saying how great I look. You can feel it tingle, it’s just so good." 

"I have great HighChi feedback I want to share with you! All of my friends (including Linda*, Herbert, and Joyce) who bought HighChi at Yoga Rocks the Butte absolutely love their necklaces and are wearing them all of the time now. Linda says she has been feeling "really good!" since she has been wearing her Ganesh/Lemon Quartz, and I notice her fiddling with it subconsciously as I do with mine. I also feel like her confidence, as well as Joyce's, have boosted since wearing their necklaces- it's so awesome to observe this!"


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