What is the Higher Harmonic of Gold?

The Higher Harmonic of Gold is the energy you see surrounding Saints, Angels, and Holy People. This is why there are so many recorded instances of Saints whose corporeal bodies remain uncorrupted long after their physical deaths. Saints don’t decompose like the rest of us because they’re filled with the Higher Harmonic of Gold – great for anti-aging! The Higher Harmonic of Gold is true Alchemists’ energy, turning challenging situations into golden opportunities, and attracting wealth.

Where do you find this energy?

When we pray, we create the Higher Harmonic of Gold.

In April, 1986, Chernobyl, Russia underwent a crisis when the local nuclear reactor facility approached complete meltdown. The entire area was contaminated with toxic levels of radiation. Yet, interestingly, when some homes were tested for lethal radiation levels, homes with icons of Christ and Mother Mary had no evidence of radioactivity! These were homes filled with the Higher Harmonic of Gold generated by the daily prayers of the deeply religious people residing there.

Wear HighChi and walk in a prayer!

Sacred Geometric drawings are some of the multi-faceted components that go into HighChi Energy. Sacred Geometric drawings are, in fact, prayers. These prayers are known to vibrate very highly to The Higher Harmonic of Gold. In HighChi’s energy library we have hundreds of Sacred Geometric drawings; each dedicated to a specific need – healthy eyes, healthy heart, attracting love, to name a few.

When you use HighChi Energy products – jewelry, cubes, or CD’s – while asking for what you want, a very powerful synergy is created. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts. You walk in prayer. Ask and you will receive.

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