Q: Is there a limit on how many pet charms an animal may wear at the same time ?

A: Your pets only want to wear 3 pet charms at a time.

Q: we're planning to welcome a new puppy into our life. The one Pet Charm that pops up the most for me would be Protect and Chi. Would this be too much in one go for a puppy ? Or do i need to wait for the puppy to grow older so I can use the pet charms for her?

A: The energy on the pet charms lasts forever so you can certainly put them on your new pets, even after the older ones have passed. They will have the energy signature of the older pet on them, but as all HighChi energy is continually transmuting and transforming negative energies and radiation into these these higher harmonics which the ancient Egyptians believe create gateways to the Divine and protect from negative energies from others, the pet charms will feel very beautiful and reassuring to your new animals.  

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