Sacred Geometry

The HighChi Sacred Geometry Collection uses mathematical ratios, harmonics, and sacred universal patterns. Using a proprietary technology we have amplified these "higher harmonics" exponentially; a key factor in the remarkable effectiveness of HighChi Energy Jewelry. 

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of creation and the genesis of all form. The science of sacred geometric form has been used for millennia to uplift and amplify energy as well as protect us from negative energy fields. All HighChi energy products are created with our fundamental energies which Uplift, Balance and Protect.

At HighChi we use these "divine" proportions to create exquisite Sacred Geometric Jewelry that protects, uplifts and vitalizes body, mind and spirit.

Wearers report not only "feeling better", but also feeling protected and energized, with a wonderful sense of well-being.

The Flower of Life is amazing with the HighChi Pendant, as The Flower of Life already has the 12 Higher Harmonic intrinsically in its design, and when energized with the 12 Higher Harmonics there is an energetic synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Your HighChi Pendant is an amplifier and will further amplify the Flower of Life. We have measured the Flower of Life and it goes out forever, so it is not only extremely protective, as it strengthens your energy field, so you feel even more uplifted, protected and grounded, but it will expand your circle of influence. They were designed to be worn together.

The Higher Harmonic of Gold comes out through the center of the HighChi Pendant which will further amplify the healing properties of the Flower of Life. The Higher Harmonic of Gold the same energy you see around Saints Angels and Holy People, so you get the golden glow! The Higher Harmonic of Gold is also the Alchemists energy, it’s about turning challenging situations into golden opportunities, and it attracts gold or money which is always good. It's all about the law of attraction or resonant causation, as what we resonate at is what we attract. This is why we have over 200 designer energy fields, so you can resonate at what you want to create, be it Healing, Success and Power, Easy Learning, Healthy Eyes, etc. Life is a Gift from God and the Goddess, and we are learning how to receive that gift.


What our Customers are saying:
"I just want to say how much I love my pendant. It truly is am amazing product. I’ve got so much more energy that I’ve stopped procrastinating and just seem to want to get things done now that I have been putting off. (In some cases for months) . I’ve also observed that my intuition is incredibly strengthened when I wear the pendant. It seems I know things before they happen. It’s very exciting."

"Now I’m wearing 2 pendants and it’s really amazing. I now go to such a high level of meditation that I’ve not been able to do in 30 years of meditating. It’s truly remarkable."