Many of you have asked about the people who make HighChi jewelry. 
So we thought we’d introduce you to them; the craftsmen and artisans of HighChi.

Our chains are made in Italy, by Leonardo. As in so many things, Italians are renowned for their exquisite chains. Leonardo is as fussy and exacting as his work. And we wouldn’t have him any other way.

From “back east” come Tom and Joseph, two gentlemen we discovered doing precision plating for the Franklin Mint, and Ashley and Justin, a brother and sister team whose beautiful laser engraving graces our Sacred Geometry Collection.

From New Mexico, long famous for their legendary gold and silversmiths, come four of the very best.  Martha and Bob create our Divine Rings Collection. This beautiful, spiritual couple have been making their divine jewelry for over 30 years. And there’s Debbie and Lloyd, fashioning our Gods and Goddesses Pendants as well as our Chi Charms and Chi Coins.  Blessings on them and their five children!

We met Lulu, a South American yogini living in Columbia, at a show where she was selling her gorgeous Malas. We were so impressed by her that we asked her to string for us, and were we happy she agreed! Lulu hand knots and prays over each and every bead, imbuing HighChi’s Malas with her loving energy. Because our Malas have proven so popular with you, we’re delighted to announce that she now employs several women in her village to make Malas for HighChi!

Valeria, originally from Brazil and now living in Florida is the Goddess behind our gorgeous faceted power bracelets.

Sanjay, originally from India, generates all of our Gemstones, Harmonic Jewels, and Chi Crystals. 

HighChi is dedicated to identifying and partnering with the very finest craftspeople and artisans in the world. It’s not enough for us at HighChi to create energies to protect the wearer and lift their vibrations. Our jewelry must be as aesthetically beautiful as it is functional. You can rest assured that each and every piece of HighChi Energy Jewelry strikes a perfect balance in artistry and spirituality.

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