Dear HighChi Enthusiasts,

We have a full show schedule this year and I would love to meet you personally so I can show you how HighChi Energy Jewelry, not only looks beautiful, but it feels wonderful on. I also want to show you how it works as an energy tool for releasing unexpressed emotions and stress, and even negative energies from others! Most people find it tingles in their fingers, and we hope that you too will be delighted by this beautifully balanced and protective energy. After 21 years of research and development we are the Gold Standard in protective, uplifting and beautifully balanced energy. The more you wear the better you feel, as HighChi Energy Jewelry lifts your resonance. As you know when your resonance is high you're in the flow, and things happen magically! We will also have lovely specials at the shows that we hope you will find irresistible, so you can build your HighChi Power Piece collection.

Please come and visit us in the following cities, and I look forward to meeting you!

Much Bliss,


June 28- July 1
Sun Valley, Idaho

July 12-13
Las Vegas, NV

August 25-26
San Jose, CA

September 11-13
Las Vegas, NV

September 20-23
San Francisco, CA

October 4-12
San Rafael, CA

October 19-20
Danville, CA

October 25-27
San Jose, CA

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