HighChi Charm Bracelets - The Charmed and Enchanted Collection

With our new Mini Connector, you can collect Charms to create your personal Heroes Journey! 

You can start with the Healing Team...

Kwan Yin -The Goddess of Forgiveness, Mercy, and Compassion. 

The Buddha – Wisdom, Enlightenment, Inner Peace.

Hanuman - Courage, Strength, Wisdom.

Now call upon the Dream Team to help you create your dreams.

Saraswati - Genius, Vision, Brilliance, Memory.

Ganesh - Remover of Obstacles, Happiness, Material Wealth, Good Fortune.

Lakshmi for having it all! Prosperity,  Love, New homes, New Business.

"The Universe is here to give us everything we want. In return, we are here to Shine!"       Deborah Stuart, Founder HighChi Energy Jewelry