Chi Coins

Feel Protected and Let HighChi Energy Lift you to a Higher Vibration,
so you can Resonate at What You want to Create!

Don’t be fooled by their precious size, as each 925 Sterling Silver Chi Coin is a potent powerhouse of pure energy. Each coin has it's own energy as well as HighChi’s Foundational energy of the 12 Higher Harmonics, which are found in music and color. The 12 Higher Harmonics are an uplifting, vitalizing, and protective energy. Studies also show that the 12 Higher Harmonics take you into that lovely alpha theta, the happiness brain wave frequency, and gets the energy or chi flowing in the body, which is key to keeping youthful. The Chi Coins also filled with HighChi Grounding energy. The Grounding energy helps to focus you which in turns help you to ground to create the things you want in your life.