Amethyst - Stress Release, Intuition, Release Addictions

$ 99.00

Stress, Addictions, Compulsions, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Realm of the Angels

Known as the Intuitive stone", Amethyst engages the higher self in order to liberate compulsive behaviours, stress and tensions. Its spiritual and revitalizing qualities will empower meditation and all healing practices. It also calms and stabilizes the mind, opening intuitive and psychic abilities. Sleeping with a piece of amethyst promotes visionary dreams and awareness. Related to 6th chakra: 3rd eye.

 3 Carats Jewel
thick. 3/16"=5mm 
bale 1/4"=6mm 
height 1/4"=6mm 
width 5/16"=8mm 
6 Carats Jewel
thick. 3/16"=5mm 
bale 1/4"=6mm 
height 1/2"=13mm 
width 3/8"=10mm
9 Carats Jewel
thick. 1/4"=6mm 
bale 1/4"=6mm 
height 5/8"=16mm 
width 7/8"=22mm

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