Green Amethyst - Emotional Stability, Self Love, Healing

$ 77.00

Emotional Stability, Self Love, Courage

The Green Amethyst brings energies of stability, balance, courage and inner strength. On the emotional level, it can help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst has a soothing energy that endorses serenity, happiness and satisfaction. Amethyst is usually associated with the third eye and crown chakras but can also open the heart chakra due to its outstanding healing properties on the emotional level. Related to 4th Chakra.

3 carats jewel
thick. 3/16"=5mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 1/4"=6mm
width 5/16"=8mm
6 carats jewel
thick. 3/16"=5mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 1/2"=13mm
width 3/8"=10mm
9 carats jewel
thick. 1/4"=6mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 5/8"=16mm
width 7/8"=22mm

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