The Pure Joy Wrap Bracelet in 18K Gold Vermeil

The Pure Joy Wrap Bracelet is precisely that; Pure Joy! When worn on the left hand* it creates a joyful resonance, especially when you move your wrist. It's Pure Joy! It can be worn as a long necklace or short when doubled.

This is Deborah's favorite bracelet; and she designed it with our Medium 36" Sailor Link chain with all of our Chi Charms. It includes "Tout Le Gang"; including all the gods and goddesses, the crossroads collection which is very important when you have life decisions to make, and the angelic Kingdom; including Archangel Michael and Gabriel. So your protection, upliftment, and grounding are amplified.  This bracelet makes the most joyful tinkling sound when you move your arm. 

*For ultimate protection and joy, we recommend wearing HighChi Bracelets on the left hand because your energy comes in through the left and across the heart chakra, and down the right. 

Available in 925 recycled Sterling Silver 925 and 18K Gold Vermeil.

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