The ears act as an energy receiver for sound and play a major role in the sense of balance and correct alignment of the body. Wearing our energized hoops envelops the head in a wonderfully protective energetic cocoon, and can help to create greater clarity and an expanded sense of well-being. They can allow better concentration, focus as well as a clear connection to our intuition and the divine. Imbued with the Higher Harmonic of gold, our Energy Rings collection is not only designed for anti-aging, but to support and strengthen the immune system, and release toxins. To further enhance their divine energetic properties, choose a set of your favorite energy jewels to wear with them, and let yourself be lifted!

What our Customers are saying:
"I feel much more centered and have much higher vitality, which is very important to me. I’m also feeling less stressed, as I feel I can deal with everything I have to look after now, and things just seem to look after themselves. I’m finally in the flow."