Freedom, Purification, Passion

$ 997.00

24" Wheat Chain, Ganesh Pendant, 2ct Rhodolite on a Large Connector. 

Ganesh is considered to be the most worshiped deity. He is the lord of success and happiness. He brings harmony and initiates humans forward on the eternal path: removing obstacles and all difficulties. Ganesh is also considered to be the Lord of respect and acceptance. He also symbolizes the God of the beginning, thus anyone initiating a new enterprise should call upon him to ensure achievement and wealth. Meditation with Ganesh permits internal balance and peace.

The Rhodolite gemstone is said to be wonderful for regenerating the body, purifying the heart, blood, and DNA. Very grounding, it is excellent for focus and for consciously creating success. When Energized with HighChi Energy, these properties are amplified exponentially. Wear this Power Piece and be free of all obstacles ahead so you can manifest your most desired realities.

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