XStar 50 Photo Rejuvenator

$ 1,299.00


Never before have light and Source Energy™ been together in a skin rejuvenation and pain management system!

The Miracle of Light Energy Cellular Regeneration on all Levels! - After 10 years of research, Oxygen Research Institute has now added Source Energy™ to the XStar 50! Infused with the 12 Higher Harmonics, your body can resonate in balance with this highly energizing and healing energy. Also included is White Light, a highly purifying energy, designed to release unwanted stresses, energies, and even attitudes.

Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

Our newly energized XStar 50™ Photo Rejuvenation Systems are also based on the breakthrough research of NASA, healing injuries in the most difficult healing environment - zero gravity, in deep space. NASA has concluded from in-depth studies, on healing in unfriendly, zero gravity conditions, that the 630-nanometer spectrum is the optimum frequency for cellular regeneration. Through cellular entrainment of this frequency, vibrant health can be most quickly restored to damaged body parts. For further NASA information go to www.msfc.nasa.gov

Approved application by the USA FDA CDRH for laser products.

The XStar LED Professional Model is a superb instrument for skin treatment, and pain management by invigorating cellular regeneration. Featuring the 630 nm window output, it is further energized with white light energy for releasing negativity from the body, on all levels! Also featuring the 12 Higher Harmonics, and the seven spiritual planes, the XStar 50 Photo Rejuvenator is a highly advanced light energy system. Perfect for using on acupoints for complete body and facial regeneration. Features a unique 50 ultra bright LED array, which makes it much more powerful as the average 20 LED array.

Our Photo Rejuvenator Package includes our unique delivery system of Energized Oxygen and essential oils, OxyVital Skin Therapy, which works synergistically with the 50 ultra bright LED array, taking it to an extraordinary level of cellular rejuvenation!

The Photo Rejuvenation System accelerates the healing of the damaged area by clearing away blockages on the emotional, mental and physical levels, thereby speeding the regeneration process.

This LED cluster array system is driven just to the threshold of lasing, so that it remains safe and does not require safety glasses, and produces a high output of photonic stimulation. The result is the release of stress, thereby facilitating deep states of relaxation.

What people are saying about the XStar 50...

"I stopped using my XStar 50 photo Rejuvenator for 2 months because I had botox for the deep lines on my face, and didn't want it to affect the botox. As soon as I stopped using the XStar 50 I watched my skin age very quickly, particularly the fine lines around my mouth, and eyes. I also noticed my skin just looked older. It didn't have that fresh youthful appearance that I believe comes with the production of collagen from the XStar 50. I'm 48 and many people say I look like I'm 35. I decided to get Thermage, which is a $2,500 procedure, and apparently tightens the skin. Deborah explained that the Photo rejuvenator would in no way affect the botox procedure, so I started using it again for about 20 minutes a day, on my commute to work. Within a month my skin was back to the 35 year old me, and I didn't need the Thermage. The XStar 50 Photo Rejuvenator is Life Changing!" --E.S. San Francisco, CA

"I have been treating patients very successfully, with only one session for staph infections--after the patients had been through three rounds of antibiotics without relief. I've also treated urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts, and even abscessed teeth. This is light therapy at it's best!" --Dr. Charles Dugan, D.C.

"My clients skin is wonderful only after just one treatment!" --Susan Tsai, Cosmetician, Beverly Hills, CA

"My 15 year old son has had acne for 2 years now, and it was getting worse and worse. Nothing worked including prescription creams, and antibiotics, in fact the condition was worsening, until we used the Photo Rejuvenation System. After using it 2-3 minutes a day for a week his skin started clearing up noticeably, and after two months his skin is clear and the acne has not reappeared." --D. Cattell, Father, California




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