The Pain Relief/Addiction Series

HighChi Cubes - Resonate at what you want to create.

Chi Cubes are carriers for subtle energy. They measure 1" by 1" and fit easily into your pocket or purse. They are made of acrylic, which is light yet durable and acts extremely well as a carrier for subtle energy. There are many different Energies to choose from. The cubes work very well when stacked together because this amplifies the energy field. You can hold them in your left hand or stack them on your DNA (hair or saliva). We also have energy bands that you can wear on your wrist and these are equally effective in raising your resonance. More Info

*The Pain Relief/Addiction Series – Note if you are presently taking any of these compounds, by using them on the subtle energy body, the effects can be amplified significantly, so please be thoughtful, and do not use any of these while operating heavy machinery.*

1) Beta Endorphins – They are what you feel when you work out or do yoga. They are just such a happy high!

2 )Bliss – Absolutely Blissful, and wonderful when mixed with other energies.

3) Ecstasy – Just what it says. Relaxing with a very spacious mind so you can see clearly, with an open heart, knowing that all is right with the world. A real crowd please when used with Sexy Time.

4) Ibuprof Chi – a great one to have in your energy library for pain relief. Great for inflammation as well, and it feels very grounding.

5) OxyChi Pain Relief – This one is good for pain, euphoric and feels just great.

6) Morph Chi – Pain Relief. Works very well for those who like something stronger. Some compare this to Morphine, but like all of our energy fields, without the contraindications, such as addiction. Please note that if morphine makes you itchy, do not use this formulation as you will have the same response.

7) CBD/THC – Very spacious and High energy but without the artifact. This one also seems to pull out toxins, and appears to be a healing energy. Also wonderfully creative. If you use medical Marijuana, this will amplify it’s effects.

8) THC/CBD - This is a very HighChi energy, more for deep relaxation, creativity and fun. If you use medical Marijuana, this will amplify it’s effects.

9) Chasing The Dragon – This is a deeply relaxing formulation, which can be somewhat euphoric. No to be used while operating heavy machinery.

10) Alcohol Addiction

11) Drug Addiction

12) Computer Addiction

13) Addictions General