The Ascension Energies

HighChi Cubes - Resonate at what you want to create.

Chi Cubes are carriers for subtle energy. They measure 1" by 1" and fit easily into your pocket or purse. They are made of acrylic, which is light yet durable and acts extremely well as a carrier for subtle energy. There are many different Energies to choose from. The cubes work very well when stacked together because this amplifies the energy field. You can hold them in your left hand or stack them on your DNA (hair or saliva). We also have energy bands that you can wear on your wrist and these are equally effective in raising your resonance. More Info
 1. Devotion – This is a wonderful one for those of you on your spiritual journey. It is said that when you love or are devoted to something or someone, it loves you back. It is a law of the Universe!

2. Divine I am Presence – Be connected with the Divine, and your most positive future self. Your future creates your present, so be in this exquisite Resonance so you can be connected and feel protected!

3. Vision – Just great for your eyes, and of course your vision on all levels.

4. Divine Priestess - which is sublime, and just a beautiful formulation of equanimity, vision, compassion and wisdom. Wonderful for when you want to take a step back, both for yourself and others.

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