The Essential Energies

HighChi Cubes - Resonate at what you want to create.

Chi Cubes are carriers for subtle energy. They measure 1" by 1" and fit easily into your pocket or purse. They are made of acrylic, which is light yet durable and acts extremely well as a carrier for subtle energy. There are many different Energies to choose from. The cubes work very well when stacked together because this amplifies the energy field. You can hold them in your left hand or stack them on your DNA (hair or saliva). We also have energy bands that you can wear on your wrist and these are equally effective in raising your resonance. More Info


1. Love and Self Love – A very loving energy. Again you feel Loved and Loving, like you are in the arms of the Divine Mother herself.

2. Forgiveness – If all we did were to to forgive ourselves all would be well. One of the most important energies.

3. Harmony - wonderful for your relationship to all things, ourselves, money, etc. Particularly useful for relationships in groups, family and work settings.

4. Balance - Just a great and very important energy. It is when our systems get out of balance that we have challenges on all levels. I particularly like this one when I'm feeling out of sorts.

5. Courage – This is a great one right now as there is so much fear on the planet. Release the Fear, and take your power back from it and use that power to create what it is you do want.

6. Happiness – Happiness is a choice and a gift. Feel yourself enveloped in this happy energy.

7. Anxiety - Works like a charm and it's almost instant. Use it with grounding and Universal Chi, to amplify it’s effects.

8. Joy – Joy happens when Peace and Beauty occur at the same time. A beautiful formulation and very peaceful! Wonderful when used with Inner Peace and Tibetan Prayer Flag.

9. Divine Relaxation – This is excellent for pain relief as well, and just so very peaceful.