Buddha Pendant

$ 159.00

Self realization, spiritual guidance, self-confidence self-esteem and courage.

It is said that when you see through the eyes of the Buddha you become the witness. When you become the witness, the love of the Divine Mother comes through you, and all that you see is healed...

The Buddha is the very peak of evolution. He represents ultimate guidance, the highest perfection of man. Known as he who achieves his aim. The Buddha shows the way to greater understanding of life and leads to spiritual achievement. He also purifies heart, mind, body and soul, allowing acknowledgment of the truth and complete awakening. Buddha considers that man should not believe in any Gods but himself, hence he grants us with full confidence and self-realization. He is the most fundamental aspect of liberation and symbolizes endurance along with outstanding courage.

What our customers are saying:
"I bought him a Buddha Cool from the studio a few days ago before he had to leave town for work in Nevada since he is going to be away for his birthday, and so he could be part of the HighChi world as well. He told me last night that he feels a tingle when he holds it between his left thumb and pointer finger, and he has been doing the 33-second technique to manifest coming back home from Nevada early. There is a slight chance now that he could come back a week early!"

 Buddha Cool
thick. 1/8"=3mm
bale 3/16"=5mm
height 15/16"=24mm
width 3/4"=19mm

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