The Diffuser is designed to fill your whole room with your chosen energy via the power of the Chi Cubes. This system requires a set (3 of the same Chi Cube) in order to optimize the chosen vibrational resonance. We do not recommend mixing the Chi Cubes at the risk of altering the clarity of intention, which is important when energizing your space.

Create the ideal vibrational resonance in your environment. The law of resonance promotes that when two frequencies come together one lifts and the other lowers, so they meet somewhere in the middle. Allow yourself to come into resonance with a specific energy and naturally attract it into your life. What we resonate at is what we create!

Choose Delta for deep sleep in the bedroom, Harmony for your office or family room. Healing is a beautiful energy for your home and Fun in Learning is great for students. Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life!

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