Deborah Stuart is the CEO and Founder of HighChi, LLC. She has practiced Metaphysics for over three decades. In 2010 she graduated from the two-year master's program at the Academy of Intuitive Medicine in Sausalito, CA, while fully involved in research and development for HighChi Energy Jewelry. Stuart completed Biogeometry Advanced Training in 2009 under Dr. Ibrahim Karim and Dr. Robert Gilbert. In 2008, she finished Level Three of the Emotional Freedom Technique under Lindsay McKenny.

Stuart's passion for spirituality, metaphysics, Emotional Intelligence, and vibrant health led her to develop subtle energy technologies that help people achieve deeper states of meditation and higher states of consciousness. These tools are designed to optimize personal performance and aid in consciously creating success and working magic.

Stuart co-founded Oxygen Research Institute LLC with researcher Norman McVea, PhD, in 1995. Located in Stinson Beach, CA, she designed a complete line of energy-enhanced oxygen-fortified products, including Far Infrared anti-aging technologies and spa energy systems. Incorporating the research of Nikola Tesla, Raymond Royal Rife, Albert Abrams M.D., and Wilhelm Reich M.D., they created Life Energy Amplifier Systems. Two leading-edge environmental and personal meditation systems, Atlantis HighLife and Vision Quest, resulted from their unique research and developmental partnership.

Learning of the groundbreaking work of world-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Biogeometry, Deborah knew this would be the next step in her dream of energizing jewelry and clothing. Her extensive background in fashion and design led her to create HighChi Energy Jewelry in 2007. Working with brilliant researchers and micro-vibrational physicists, Stuart used Biogeometry and sacred geometry as the guiding principles for all her jewelry collections, and later the ChiCube Collection, Energy Intentions Squared. Biogeometry and Sacred Geometry also informed all her designer energies, as they are created using a synergy of Sacred Geometry Cymatic Frequencies, Ancient Sacred Geometric Prayers, and HighChi's proprietary Life Force 5000 Energy. HighChi Energy Jewelry is unique in its ability to transform negative energies into positive ones. Based on Dr. Ibrahim Karim's groundbreaking work in Biogeometry, Stuart's jewelry incorporates techniques that the Ancient Egyptians believed to create "Gateways to the Divine".

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