Brilliant Success Chi Cube Set

$ 50.00

12 Higher Harmonics - HighChi’s Foundational energy on all pieces. The energy on all of our HighChi Power pieces is the 12 Higher Harmonics, which are found in music and color. We have them energetically. The 12 Higher Harmonics are an uplifting, vitalizing, and protective energy. In fact this same energy was used by a great mentor of mine, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, in Hemberg, Switzerland. Swiss Telecom called in Dr. Karim, as people in the town were getting ill from cell phone radiation. Using the same energy that is on HighChi Energy Jewelry, he was able to transform the radiation into these beautiful Higher Harmonics, and everyone got well again.

When I heard about Dr. Karim's work, I was like a dog on a bone, because it is all about transformation. Radiation is almost everywhere now, and rather than making war on it, or blocking it, transforming it is the only sensible solution.

The Ancient Egyptians believed these same energies create “Gateways to the Divine” and protect from negative energies from others, even negative entities.

Studies also show that the 12 Higher Harmonics take you into that lovely alpha theta, the happiness brain wave frequency, and gets the energy or chi flowing in the body, which is key to keeping youthful.

Jupiter - Luck, Success and Good Fortune, being at the right place at the right time. If you have Jupiter in your chart it is actually in your energy field and people who have Jupiter are very lucky. They win things, and are lucky in the stock market, etc., just plain lucky. In fact there was a book written by a famous Astrologer, Jack Gillen, who has also written many books. Jack studied people who had received large sums of money in business deals, the stock market, or gambling etc. and in every case; the individual had Jupiter trining one of their planets. Jupiter is luck in all matters. So we are bringing in a beautiful new Jupiter energy, which balances beautifully with all the others we are using with you. You can't have too much luck! I am very excited about this as we can all use more abundance, and good fortune. You just need to either get it on a pendant or you can get it on a cube and just keep it on your body, or on your photo or DNA as these energies jump hyperspace. Jupiter is also about health.

Succeed Effortlessly - 
It takes much more effort to keep success away than it does to receive it. Let go of struggle and resonate at the sweet energy of success and receive the brilliant success that is your birthright.

Wealth and Honor - Honor is the high respect and esteem that  you have for yourself and the respect and esteem that others have for you. Honor begins with being honest with self. It is about aligning with the truth to let it lift you to a even higher levels of honesty.  Resonate at Wealth with Honor to create a life of knowing the truth of the magnificence of who you truly are, and attract to yourself a life of great privilege, happiness, and service,  a life that is truly worth living. 

Wealth & Fame - A lofty combination for an inspired life!  The path to being there is the path to getting there. Fell yourself having it and it will manifest.

Success and Power - Life is a Gift from the Divine, and ours is to learn to receive it. Receive true success on all levels, the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

If you choose to receive the Set with a Polaroid, please email or text us a digital full length photo of yourself or a loved one and we will turn that into a Polaroid to put your Chi Cube on.
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.
email full body photo to


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