Chi Connector

$ 39.00

The Chi Connector enables you to create your own HighChi Power Piece by stacking your choice of pendants, charms and gemstones. The most elegant way to wear our jewelry in accordance with your focus. HighChi Jewelry are Energy Tools meant to help you manifest your most desired realities. Our collections are meant to be collected and interchanged as the wearer see fit.

*Two sizes available: Small Chi Connector (1cm x 1cm) and Large Chi Connector (1,4cm x 1,4cm).

"The HighChi Connector is an energy device in and of itself. The reason we designed it as a circle is because the Higher Harmonic of Gold comes through the center which is the same energy we see around saints, angels and holy people.  The Higher Harmonic of Gold is one of the main energies imbued in all HighChi Energy Jewelry, and so the Chi Connector works synergistically with the rest of the collections where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The connector is specifically designed to allow you to keep on adding to your collection so that you can create unique Power Pieces aligned with your vision. It's so creative and fun, as the more HighChi you wear the more uplifted, protected and grounded you feel."  Deborah Stuart, Founder  

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