Fine Sailor Link Bracelet with Chi Charm

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The Sailor Link Bracelet is wonderful when worn alone or stacked with your other HighChi bracelets. Keep one and give one to your sister or your best friend so you can amplify your intentions even more as you both resonate at what you want to create and attract to you both desire!

All HighChi Chains are made in Italy because the Italians create the best sterling silver!

To receive the most energy from your HighChi Bracelets, wear them on your left hand, because your energy comes in through your left across your Heart Meridian and down your right. Let Yourself Be Lifted!

925 sterling silver link finished with lobster clasp. Italian production. Glamorous meets femininity. This vital energy formulation is both peaceful and calming, strengthening your immunity against all forms of negative energies.

 Fine Sailor Bracelet
thick 1/8" = 3mm
length 8'' = 20,3cm
width 7/32'' = 5mm
lobster clasp length 7/16’’ = 11mm
lobster clasp width 3/16’’ = 5mm

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