Love Magic for Couples Chi Cube Set

Please take a digital full body photo of yourself and email to
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.

This set includes:

1) Love Magic -This is marvelous when combined with any of the Magic Series, as love is one of the generating energies, key to creating the love you want. Love Magic will amplify whatever Chi Cube you stack it with.

*Note all the Chi Cubes here are part of our Magic series - Definition of Magic: Changing Reality in Accordance with your Love, Your Will and Your Imagination.*

2) Strengthen Your Love - When you strengthen your existing love, a love synergy happens where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. it is such a beautiful feeling of safety and security trusting and knowing that and you have each other’s backs, all is well in the Universe.

3) Irresistible to Others - There is nothing more attractive to your partner than when you are Irresistible to them and of course to others!

4) Boost Sexual Arousal -This feels fantastic to have this sexy energy in your relationship! Very seductive.

5) Thrillingly Romantic - We are love romance, and when it’s thrilling what could be better than that?

6) Teamwork Magic- When you have the teamwork element strong as a couple, you are unstoppable in creating your dreams and goals and anything is possible!


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