The Legal Magic Energies

$ 50.00

Like the Attract True Love and the Sexy Time Series, these were originally created by a brilliant and powerful magician, and we have amplified them exponentially, using Life Force the Magician’s energy, which is a direct connection to source. Ask and you will receive. Use any of these stacked under Self love and Life Force.

1) Legal Success

2) Attract Important Witnesses

3) Eliminate Witnesses

4) Attract Good Lawyer

5) Affection Of Judge

6) Make Person Look Good

7) Influence Others

8) Gain Important Evidence

9) Power Of Persuasion

10) Discover Secrets Of Others

11) Know True From False Friends

12) Tune Into Secret Operations

13) Find Other Ways

14) Avoid Lawsuit

15) Self Confidence Charisma

16) Avoid Mistakes

17) Success and Power

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