The New World Energies

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December 9, 2013 After my weeklong Lazaris seminar, in Kauai, I was inspired to create the new energies that many of you have been asking for. These are essentially links to our future, our new world, where the quality of being is the new currency, and what truly matters.

1) High Octane Gratitude - or HO Gratitude - 2014 is the year of Gratitude Is one of the generating energies, as the more you feel, the more you have to be grateful for. In my experience it is also the bridge to the new world.
2) Dominion - instead of domination, walking with the elements, working with and connected to nature – where a person’s stature is defined by how much they love.
3) Equanimity – The true sign of the Goddess within us all, so we can assess with calmness and compassion, and all that we see is healed.
4) Auspiciousness - being in the right place at the right time. This is a true blessing!
5) Awareness - when you want to look into where your present actions are taking you.
6) Healing of the Grids - We finally have the Healing of the Grids on the planet. This is a cube that you can put on a project, or a map of our world, or a place that needs healing. This affects the complete environment. Air, Water, Earth, and going all the way up to space. Very beautiful, so healing and so clean, because Cleanliness is Godliness!
7) Inner Peace - We have a very powerful Inner Peace, which comprises – Expectation, Imagination, Love, and Imagination, which are all the components. Also when you are resonating at inner peace, it will keep your resonance high, even when things do not appear to be going in the direction you want them to. We all need this one.
8) Detachment – The masculine of Equanimity – the two together are wonderful for Genius– asking where is this leading me, rather than where have I been. These two are also amazing with Awareness.
9) Kindness - We have a prayer for Kindness because there is so much cruelty on our planet right now, especially to animals, and those that cannot defend themselves. Again we can use this ourselves, or put it on a place or photograph in the world where kindness is needed.
10) Justice – Because there is so much injustice, and justice feels so much better, and is so needed.
11) Resolve – The Higher Octave of Determination, which we all need to birth this new world.
12) Discipline – When we or our thoughts and actions are wavering, this is such a good one. It’s actually very loving.
13) Humility – so important on this journey to have the humility to see things differently even though they may have gone not as well before, that this time our prayers for a better world will be answered.
14) Management of Time – It’s not just linear anyway, and really an illusion, so lets get the most out of our time, as we create it anyway. Once we’ve mastered time, by speeding it up, or slowing it down, we are true magicians. This is a fabulous formulation.
15) Patience – Is the New World here yet. Are we there yet??? There’s a good reason it’s a virtue, as really one has to pay attention, and that takes patience.
16) Letting go – Get clear on what you want, and then Let go, and let the universe take care of the details. Very relaxing and Zen- the true witness.
17) Smile of Inner Joy! -This is so beautiful – An absolutely enchanting energy. It puts a beautiful smile on your face.
18) Appreciation – This with Gratitude creates the most beautiful Synergy. So uplifting, and important right now.
19) Courage -  A cube for Now. Eradicate meaningless fears, remove the power that attempts to blind and bind. Reclaim your power and throw it in the face of fear. Discover your innate bravery.
20) Divine I am Presence – Be connected with the Divine, and your most positive future self. Your future creates your present, so be in this exquisite Resonance so you can be connected and feel protected!

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