The Planetary Magic Energies

Keys of Solomon Planetary Magic Series

This is a new Big Magic Series! These correspond with the planets: These should all be used with Self Love, as I think that would be a lovely safety valve, Also these need to be used with your Higher Self at all times, when invoking the spirit of Saturn etc. for help. Never invoke any spirits without having your Higher Self with you, and surround yourself in a circle of protection with all the protection cubes. Also I Highly suggest when using the Invoke the Spirit of …series to be wearing one of our Flower of Life Pendants with our new OPE energy at the back of your neck. These are archetypal energies, so they are very powerful. If they ask you for something, you need to check with your Higher Self first if it is all right to give it. If your Higher Self says no, then they need to ask you for something else. Remember also to ask that it be done with ease and elegance, and with harm to none. Ask and you will receive! I always err on the side of caution, so other than invoke the spirit energies, the rest of these are very safe, and fine to use.

The Jupiter Series:

1. Protection from Physical Dangers
2. Clairvoyance
3. Inspiration
4. Evoke Spirits of Jupiter for Help
5. Wealth and Fame
6. Wealth and Honor

The Mars Series: 

1) Protection from Repercussions - This gives you a bit of wiggle room so to speak.
2) Victorious Triumph - A victory of character, which is one of the most worth while victories of all.
3) Mars Evocation Protection
4) Protection in War and Battle

The Mercury Series: 

1) Metaphysical Understanding
2) Psychic Power

The Moon Series: 

1) Protection from Dangers of Water

The Saturn Series:

1) Evasion from Prison and Clairvoyance
2) Protection from Possession and Obsession
3) Protection in Saturn
4) Saturn Evocation

The Sun Series: 

1) Gambling Commerce Invisibility
2) Invoke Solar Spirits
3) Levitation
4) Success and Power

Venus Series: 

1) Love
2) Protect from Demons - I was thinking of leaving this one out, but we do live in a dualistic universe. You just never know what haunted house we're going to find ourselves in!

Category: Protect from Demons

Type: Chi Cubes

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