The Vibrant Health Energies

$ 50.00

1) Vibrant Health – Very relaxing and just a beautiful energy field. Extremely calming. Highly recommended. This one was sent to us by a Japanese Scientist, who has worked with Dr. Masuro Emoto. Researchers from all over the world send us their energies, to test and balance. It is now being used in healing chambers in Japan, and people are having miraculous results.

2) Accupoint Meridians – This is a great one! John spent many months creating an energetic map of the accupoint meridians for body, so the energy flows to your accupoints and meridians, which is key to anti aging. Driven by our new Chi energy so it’s quite zippy.

3) Inflammation  So important, as that is key to healing, and keeping youthful.

4) Detox – Designed after the Japan nuclear reactor crisis. These are foundational HighChi energies for releasing toxins.

5) Heart Chi – This is a beautiful prayer for healing the heart along with the frequency for a healthy heart.

6) Allergy Chi – This is a prayer that works well on food as well as other allergies.

7) Digestion – A great prayer that works like a charm and just great for the GI tract. Key to having a Youthful body.

8) Osteoporosis Chi – An important prayer especially for women, and really a must have as we get older.

9) Lymphatic System – just key for detoxing, and as we know Cleanliness is Godliness.

10) Grounding – The body loves being grounded, as it's so important for healing. Very important for healing the body, as we say, if you're not in your body, who is?

11) Knees – This is a special one as so many people have knee problems. This is where we hold anger, and always a great one particularly if you're active.

12) Glaucoma Chi – This is just a wonderful prayer for Glaucoma, as well as for over all vision.

13) Cataract Chi – A great prayer for Cataracts, ask and you will receive.

14) Vision Chi – Great for your eyes, as well as seeing into your future for what you want to create.

15) Immune System Enhancer – When used with other forms of immune support, such as sleep, you feel supported and vital.

16) Endocrine Chi – The Endocrine System affects the production of all hormones, and a wonderful energy for keeping you feeling youthful, vitalized and full of sexy energy!

17) Fungus and Parasite Chi – This is a great one along with the Detox energy.

18) Lyme Chi – When used with the Healing Chi Cube and the OxyCodone if you are in pain, this is a wonderful combination.

19) Detox Heavy Metals

Note: If you have medical condition, please see your healthcare practitioner. The Chi Cubes are in no way intended to treat or cure any disease. They are prayers, and biofeedback devices. Any relief of symptoms that may occur are coincidental.

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