The Youthing Energies

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1) Collagen – Our collagen is in our connective tissue, and we can’t have too much of that to stay youthful. When used taking Collagen supplements, and or eating collagen rich foods, or using it with out XStar 50 Photorejuvenator with the collagen band, this is even more effective.

2) Muscle tone – It’s more difficult to maintain as we get older, and this an excellent formulation for maintain great muscle tone. Again when used while exercising, and or creative visualizations of a strong body, which without having to work so hard.

3) Muscle Memory – Wonderful for working out, as it increases muscle tone and muscle memory, so your work out becomes even more effective. This is also a wonderful energy for those of you who have our XStar 50 Photo Rejuvenator. All of our energies also come in latex bands that can be fit around the XStar 50, so that you can change the energy on the XStar depending on which energy band you use.

4) Sleep - This is the pure Delta Brainwave Frequency, with other lovely remedies for sleep. This resonates beautifully to the horizontal negative green for healing too, so you have a very healing and beautiful nights sleep. It is when we sleep deeply that we create HGH in our bodies. Key to living an youthful and long life.

5) HGH or Human Growth Hormone - very expensive to buy and you have it on tap so too speak! What is great about the Energy Cubes is your body's natural intelligence takes in as much as it needs and then stop so there are not the issues of too many hormones in your system. When you use this cube with our HGH, it feels so good, and you don't need to take as much HGH.

6) Circulation - In Chinese Medicine age is defined by the flow of Chi in the body. Circulation with Balance and Life Force is tremendous for keeping youthful!

7) Lymphatic System - just key for detoxing, and as we know Cleanliness is Godliness.

8) Neutralize - negative energies from Radiation, Chemicals and pesticides.

9) Neutralize Negativity - All negativity at the physical, emotional, mental and physical levels.

10) Neutralize Curses - envy jealousy and rage, negative intentions coming from a person, group, community or nations.

11) OPE Protection - Other People’s Energies Protection. This is a foundational chi Cube for protection, of negative entities, particularly for the back of the 5th Chakra, where we are most vulnerable to take in other energies, or negative entities. This area has a etheric golden disc behind the neck which when resonating with Divine energy, you can receive only beautiful energy information that lifts you, rather than destructive energies, which can cause addictive thoughts, and addictive behaviors, which can be very destructive, on many levels, and therefore terrible for your self esteem. Particularly helpful when worn with the 5th Chakra chi cube, Universal Chi, and the Neutralize 3 energy.

12) Inflammation - So important, as that is key to healing, and keeping youthful. Great when using the Robust Health Cube.

13) Detox – Designed after the Japan nuclear reactor crisis. These are foundational HighChi energies for releasing toxins

14) Strength and Power – It’s just so freeing to feel strong and powerful. This is one of the energies that John created with a Japanese Scientist. It’s truly quite remarkable. This is a must have.

15) Healing – Very relaxing and just a beautiful energy field. Extremely calming. Highly recommended. This one was sent to us by a Japanese Scientist, who has worked with Dr. Masuro Emoto. Researchers from all over the world send us their energies, to test and balance. It is now being used in healing chambers in Japan, and people are having miraculous results.

16) Accupoint Meridians – This is a great one! John spent many months creating an energetic map of the accupoint meridians for body, so the energy flows to your accupoints and meridians, which is key to anti aging. Driven by our new Chi energy so it’s quite zippy.

17) Weight and Appetite Support – This formulation is great for letting go of those few extra pounds or more as it suppresses the appetite, while still maintaining a nice level of energy.

18) Elk Horn - Has an impressive array of reported abilities of velvet antler to reduce inflammation, influence body metabolism, support immune function, protect damaged tissues and affect blood, liver and kidney function and more. In fact, laboratory analyses now show that velvet contains an amazingly comprehensive nutritional profile including collagen, amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, trace minerals, and other functional proteins, all vital components for human metabolic function. Recently, the ability for Nature's Velvet™ to "support and restore joint structure and function" (as a result of osteo-arthritis) was substantiated by scientific evidence in compliance with FDA regulations. This means that validated scientific studies from around the world prove that velvet antler is a significant anti-inflammatory agent for the symptoms of osteo-arthritis and possibly other types of acute chronic inflammation as well.

19) Stem Cells - The Benefits of Stem Cell Science to your Health – The National Institute of Health have discovered that there are 74 treatable diseases using adult stem cells in therapy. When stem cell nutrition is used as a daily supplement over time, the stimulation of billions of additional stem cells in the blood stream could be one of the safest and most efficient methods for maintaining optimal health that science has yet discovered. Note: If you have medical condition, please see your healthcare practitioner. The Chi Cubes are in no way intended to treat or cure any disease. They are prayers, and biofeedback devices. Any relief of symptoms that may occur are a result of the power of prayer.

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