Travel Protection Chi Cube Set

$ 250.00


The Travel Protection Chi Cube set has the following Chi Cubes:

TRAVEL PROTECTION - An energy designed with the traveler in mind. It protects and helps you relax and trust while traveling.

ENERGY BOOST - A little jolt of energy for when you need it!

PROTECTION FROM DANGER - An energy designed to protect from unexpected dangers.

ALERTNESS - A focusing energy to ground and help you pay attention.

STRESS RELEASE - A calming energy designed to release stress.

CHARISMA -  Feeling full of life, passion and attract other beautiful people into your life.


Recent Testimonial from HighChi Customer

"I was recently reminded how important it is to have 'Travel Success' upgrade. I only recently got my emerald ring upgraded with it. I will be getting another one done later. Before I was relying only on 'Against Danger'. I was at a stop light. A vehicle beside me got hit & their entire rear end smashed in by a truck. There were no vehicles at the time behind me. I was in a lane next to a shoulder & ditch. The truck could have decided to swerve into my lane at the last minute & who knows what might've happened."
 - HC, Canada 

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