August 11, 2018

Sterling Silver Jewelry Tarnishes!!!

All of HighChi Energy Jewelry is made of recycled 925 sterling silver, or sterling silver with 18k gold plating, or solid 14 or 18k gold.

If your jewelry tarnishes quickly or becomes very dark, it usually is because you are around a lot of negative electromagnetic energy fields, or other negative energies. In the case of sterling silver we suggest using a good silver polish and a soft cloth to clean it, and if it’s really tarnished it can take a lot of work and elbow grease.  

There is also an ionic jewelry cleaner for around $30 on Amazon that works well for silver and gold, but in the case of tarnished sterling silver, there is nothing like elbow grease.  You can also take it to your jeweler and they will clean it for you.

September 20, 2017

HighChi Energy Jewelry testimonial

I would like to share a few of my stories about your jewelry. I will put a short version below that you may prefer to use :)

Someone I trust recommended I get your 1" HighChi pendant in silver, with a 9 carat Blue Topaz. So I spent some time looking over all your products online, and from just that alone I could feel the energies working on me. This inspired me to go ahead and buy the necklace, as well as a dozen Chi Cubes and some bracelets. I also added some energy upgrades to most of the jewelry. I added Life Force to the pendant, Love Magic to the blue topaz, Time Management to the chain, and Vitality to the connector. Some others to the bracelets as well.

The package arrived on the day of the Full Moon. The night before that, I had strained my back so badly I was stuck on the floor for awhile and had a lot of difficulty and pain doing any kind of bending or getting up and down. I did a variety of natural self-care methods to treat it, as well as inner child work, but was still quite strained and limited in my movement. I carefully enjoyed some time under the Full Moon that night, and then went inside to put the necklace on for the first time. I spent about 20 minutes playing with it and trying different configurations. It is so beautiful it's hard to stop looking at it! When I was done putting it on, suddenly I could sit and stand almost normally, 90% better! No pain, but I took it easy to not overdo it. I consider this a miracle healing! It's been almost 2 weeks later, and the pain has not returned.

Over the last 2 months, my ability to see energy has been improving. Now I can feel and see the powerful subtle energy of this necklace unusually clearly and strongly. When I first put it on, I saw just how different it is from everything else I've ever had and treasured. I realized everything in my life is going to have to "upgrade" to match its energy. And thus the changes start rolling in, including a commitment to move to a more supportive home in the next few months.

As for the Chi Cubes, I started using Sleep and Delta right away since I have so much trouble with sleep. I just held them in my hands. I have been using them most nights in my hands all night or sometimes next to my head, and my sleep is noticeably better. I fall asleep faster, wake up fewer times, and sleep for longer stretches. I need that very much since it is rare I get a full 5-hour sleep cycle. Also, I believe they are contributing to my continued improvements in my dreams and dream recall, which is a huge relief.

The other cubes I have just begun to use and experiment with, and don't have such clear evidence as of yet. I now have them all set up on my altar. Just doing that is a loving healing process in itself. I have two cubes for healing the planet that I have set on a photo of a painting of Earth surrounded by healing prayers. I placed 3 health cubes on a photo of myself when I was 2, when the health problems were beginning but had not yet overtaken me. It is a precious, healing thing to give love to your baby self. I have two other stacks set on slabs of seraphinite and larimar. I am experimenting with pulling hair from different places on my body to see if it adds anything. The first day I set up my Vision and Intuition cubes, I "happened" to naturally lose an eyelash with the follicle on it, so I used that!

The other fun thing about the purchase was that the various numbers of the total, the total after the sale discount, and other related numbers kept falling into interesting patterns of numbers. Money Magic is one of the cubes I bought. I take that as a good sign!

I just bought another 6 Chi Squares to help with my prayers for all, and for bringing in what I need and want for my new home, work and relationships.

Thank you so much for bringing in these loving prayer, healing, and manifesting tools and making them available!

~ Blessed Be ~

A.V., Big Island Hawaii

April 19, 2017

FAQ for Chi Cubes - Learning how to use Energy to Manifest

Can other people touch my chi cube? Yes they can. Just tap it against a wooden surface to knock off any of their energies afterwards.

Do you only use one person’s DNA under a stack of Chi cubes? Yes, only use one person at a time, otherwise you come into each other’s energy fields and you can pick up each others thoughts and feelings. They key is that you want to remain sovereign in your own energy field, with your own connection to source.

Can you use the DNA of another person under a different stack of cubes? Yes, you can use as many people’s DNA as you wish as long as they have their own personal stack.

Can you treat someone with the cubes by just holding the cubes in your hands? You can certainly treat someone by holding them in their left hand, because your energy comes in through your left, across your heart meridian and down your right.

For how long? You only need to remain under a stack or hold them in your left hand or even just carry them in your bag or pocket, for 20 minutes and the energy will last 72 hours in your energy field.

How long does it last? When we were doing the Kirlean photography experiment, as soon as the pendants got near the energy field of the person their aura changed. So it essentially needs to be in your aura.

April 12, 2017

Letter from Power Piece Winner!

We did the drawing for our HighChi Power Piece Pendant and the lucky winner was Linda from California. She gave us permission to share the email she sent us. This is such a wonderful story!
I received the necklace and couldn't have felt more loved with the divine!!!!!
My son was out on a camping trip at his school and I waited 4 hours yesterday to pick him up (busses broke down twice). Needless to say, I was wiped, but more importantly he was a mess. He hadn't slept (rain), broke his thumb, "friends" weren't the nicest.... (however he had a shamanic session a few weeks ago and the shaman stopped midsession and said that she hadn't ever worked on someone like this... because his energy was so clean!!- that he was an indigo child, and that the world was not quite ready for him yet... he is 14, I raised him completely by myself. I have dedicated my life to his young life to establish a platform for him to fly beautifully, kindly, and with ease through life!!)
I am telling you this because I must have received the package last week, but thought it was something my son ordered (he had ordered small pieces of lego machinery bc he perpetually builds) and placed it on his desk.
In the midst of arriving home, (and in the despair of his exhaustion and circumstances) he meticulously opened the bag. He said, "I think this if for you mom". I popped up from my worn out energy and nearly cried. the energy emanating from the stunning piece of jewelry was something I can barely describe. It was highly vibratory and strong and dispelled any stress I had in my body and mind from the day. It was miraculous, amazing, beautiful. My son and I just looked at each other, gave each other a hug, teared, and then sat in amazement at the beauty of the piece. It couldn't be more perfect. and that is a solid statement. I love everything about it, everything. I put it on and my life just seemed to light up.
I am at a crossroads in my life, where I now, want to increase my vibration, live life with more ease, joy, happiness, and fluidity. The words on the pendant are perfect and the stone is my all time favorite. I would have taken a picture right there, as you could barely see my face, the pendant was working energetically to lift all vibration. We could both feel it.
I am so grateful and humbled. Thank you so much. I really can't thank you enough, so grateful.
Much much love,
February 28, 2017

Mars Evocation Protection Testimonial from Deborah


Dear Ones,

Another energy you might want to consider if you have not already used it, is Mars Evocation Protection. The energy “appeared” on my desk, and then on my computer when I opened it up the following day. I immediately put my family on it, with the chi cubes on the first “whisper” and at the 2nd sighting or shout, i put myself on it. The next morning I was on my way to an early morning row on San Francisco Bay, and I was zipping through Sausalito, impatient to get to my club. There was a young child on a bike who was very unsteady at the beginning of the crosswalk on the other side of the street and he turned back when he saw me. His father was there so he must have called to him. I remember thinking to myself that he was too young to ride a bike on the street.

When I got to my club and got out of my car, a man pulled up in his, and in a very calm and direct voice, told me that I was going 35 mph in a 25 mph zone, and that I could have hit that child. He said, "You need to slow down” twice, and looked me directly in the eyes. I was a bit shocked, and I told him I would. Then he drove off. It then dawned on me what this “Angel" had done for me. Had I not had that warning and continued to drive that way, I surely could have had an accident, that would have changed the lives of those involved forever. My impact would have been terrible.

It’s very interesting as when we are about to have the success we’ve always dreamt of, or what I would call brilliant success, there is often a part of ourselves that self sabotages that success. I believe this is what was occurring for me.

Our research is going to a whole new level in energy medicine, I have found my market with my Energy Jewelry - the lives of so many of my clients are getting so much better, as well as my family and friends. All is truly well. Yet that could have changed in an instant. It may or may not have been the Mars Evocation Energy for Protection in Danger, that called in this Angel. However like all the things that happen synergistically and quite magically with the Chi Cubes, I believe that energy with the Ancient Egyptian Sacred Geometric Prayers definitely helped. In using the Chi Cube I asked for protection, and there it was. Mars is also known to be protection in battle or physical danger, so excellent for any battle, be they legal or otherwise. I don’t leave home without it.
Big Blessings,

May 18, 2016

Chi Cubes and Their Irresistible Pull

I love my Chi Cubes. I don’t give them as much attention as I would like to, but it is always nice to know that they are here, and sitting on a small snip of my hair in my office.

I now have a toddler in the house, and so I don’t spend a whole lot of time in my office. There is a lot of fragile and just toddler-unfriendly things in there, including my altar that holds all my most important energetic objects.

The other day my son managed to get into my office, and I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I wasn’t watching him carefully. For awhile he just played in my highlighters and pens, so I figured everything was fine. Until I realized he’d gotten too quiet.

My heart leapt into my throat as I swiveled around in my chair, thinking of all the things he could have gotten into, but he was just standing next to my altar. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that image – my 13 month old, in nothing but a diaper, with a highlighter in one hand and a Chi Cube in the other.

What struck me was how quiet he was being, standing there with the Cube in his left hand, his attention fixated on it. He slowly turned and held it out to show me, and smiled like it was the best thing he’d seen all day. I let him hold it for another minute until his attention span gave out, and then he calmly handed it to me and went back to playing with acceptable things. (If you’ve had toddlers, you know this can be odd in and of itself.)

Out of curiosity, I checked to see what Cube he’d had. It was Jupiter.

This whole experience was interesting, but even more so today, when he made it into my office again and headed straight for the altar. The other day the Cubes were stacked and he toppled them, so I thought maybe he grabbed the Jupiter one just because it was closest. But I hadn’t restacked the Cubes, instead letting them sit in a messy line until I decide how to restack them.

He reached up, grabbed a Cube, and again just stood there looking at it and smiling – and it was Jupiter again.

It’s one thing for us to choose energetic items that we think and feel will give us the boost we need. But there is really something special about watching a baby being attracted to a certain object, when they aren’t reading the word on it, and they don’t know what it’s for.

All my son knows is that he loves the energy of that Cube, and to me that shows the power and benefit of them.

What is interesting is that since he held the Cube the first time, he seems calmer. We were going through a period of frustration due to teething, and he’s learning how to communicate his needs – which is a long and not always smooth process. Now he’s been much calmer and seems more confident in his interactions. I think I’ll be taking a lock of his hair from his first haircut and putting it under the Jupiter Cube today, and see what happens.

May 17, 2016

Blue Topaz to open up your Throat Chakra!

Today I had a lot of big things to do and say.

I found myself staring at my coffee maker this morning, feeling wholly unprepared for everything that was vying for my attention, and procrastinating on doing anything.

I had important videos to make for my business, coaches that were waiting for answers on projects, a friend/client I need to talk to, but who just found out her sister is dying from cancer . . . and my mind was flooded with all of it.

The idea of trying to start in on communicating any of it made me want to run and hide . . . until I remembered I had an exercise for this!

I practically ran to my room and got my High Chi necklace that I had forgotten to put on first thing (like I normally do!) I stood for a minute with it in my left hand, using a quick and personal version of the “feel and flick” exercise. Then I put the necklace on with the Blue Topaz crystal, and took a few deep breaths, focusing on my throat chakra.

Everything was tight right there, and felt very uncomfortable, so I just relaxed and let the necklace ease the tension I was feeling. I let my throat chakra open up, and went to take care of the easiest thing on my list. After that, everything was easy to sink into and get done.

I can’t even count the number of times the necklace and blue topaz crystal have helped me to open my throat chakra and sort out my communication!  

March 28, 2016

Scientific Argument for Mystical Experience

“Three years ago was a turning point in my life, because I finally had everything I thought I needed to be fulfilled, and I still had this voice in my head saying “I’ve got to do more to be happy”. The more that I looked at my own suffering deeply, the more I saw it in every single person around us. We have trouble standing in lines, we’re impatient with our own children. It’s as if we all think the future holds the promise for our fulfillment. I come from a scientific background, and so I wanted to use that background to understand the real root and source of why there is so much suffering. Where it’s led me has totally changed my views of the current scientific paradigm.  More importantly than that, it’s changed my views on what it means to be a human being, and to be alive. I want to share this theory with you, and it is way out there, so I ask you to have a critical but open mind for the next 14 minutes, because you might not actually be what you think you are.

So who am I? I’m a human being, and I am 33 years old. But if you take a microscope and you look at any part of me, you see cells. I am a community of fifty trillion cells doing a magic dance, but if you look at any one of those cells with an even closer microscope, you see twenty trillion atoms. So I am also a community of a thousand trillion trillion atoms, but when you look at those atoms really up close they fade away, and all you see is energy. And 13.7 billion years ago, at the Big Bang, everything that we’ve ever found in the universe was was one infinitesimal, undifferentiated, pure energy.

All of us are energy. A human being is a very complex pattern of energy. I stand here as a 33 year old basically motionless, but when you look at any single part of me, I’m moving the speed of light, and I’m the age of the universe. So the question for me is: I know this conceptually, why don’t we feel it? Why do we walk around and we are so sure that we are a human being all the time, and we never feel like we are energy? Because it sounds awesome. I think the reason that we don’t notice it is because we are so distracted by the human levels of our experience that we fail to notice what is always sitting beneath. So I want to look at those distractions.

Take five seconds, and think about something that you are going to do tomorrow. What you just did is something that as far as we understand, no other organism in the entire universe can do. You just built an alternate reality inside your head. You just made a prediction about the future that has never happened in reality. This power for prediction, when you can compare alternate realities, allows you to plan for the future. From agriculture to your retirement, this has changed the face of the planet. It’s probably the most significant evolutionary step forward since walking upright.

I want to look at this tool in your head, because your mind is a thought generating machine, to make, proliferate predictions about the future, to guide and goal-orient your behavior. What does this machine look like in all of our heads in 2011?

Another experiment: take 10 seconds and stop thinking…

…Did anyone make it 10 seconds? I make it about two and then I start strategizing about how I’m going to stop thinking and then I think about that the whole time. What this means is you have such an evolutionarily advantageous tool that it’s become completely compulsive, but you’ve got to remember, no other organism does this at all. And the side effect of having the most evolutionarily advantageous tool in the entire universe sitting in your head is that you have no control over it, and when you have no control and you compulsively generate all these possible realities, you always compare them to where you are, to try and goal orient your behavior. This creates an entirely new class of human suffering. Things like jealousy, and regret about something that happened in the past, and anxiety about your future, no other organism can feel. I want to understand if it’s possible to totally eliminate those sources of suffering from humanity.

In order to find out if it is possible to remove those sources, we have to take a kind of scientific experimental objective look at ourselves. We have to look at all the layers of our own experience and try to be as objective as possible about them. This is amazingly difficult because we’re so emotionally involved in our own lives. As any of you know, if you go to a movie and you are emotionally involved, two minutes into it you totally forget that you are at a movie, and the lights turn on at the end and you are shocked back into reality. So this is even more difficult because we have to look at our own movie, the movie inside our consciousness.

We are going to do two quick experiments, which will only give a taste of something that takes much longer to kind of understand the depth of.

The first experiment is with sight. From what we understand in physics, all light is a vibration of electromagnetic field. None of those light waves intrinsically have any color, there’s just this change in frequency. But once those waves go into your eye and into your brain, you create the subjective experience of color. What this means is that you all think that you’re seeing me out here with a red shirt on, but this red only exists in your head. This entire picture you are seeing is happening inside your head; in a movie inside your consciousness, and if you remove a little bit of the attention from me directly, you can start to have some attention on yourself – noticing that you are seeing me – inside your head.

So lets do a second experiment that is even more subtle than that one. Read this sentence twice, silently to yourself… "I can hear the voice in my head reading this sentence."

…It’s weird, right? But you can get this very weird, subtle perspective that you can look at your own thought process objectively. You are actually listening to the soundtrack of thoughts inside your head; in your movie of consciousness.

Now imagine that I do this process for thousands of hours, and I just try to look as objectively as possible at my thoughts, my emotions, my perceptions, and even the way that my brain has modeled space and time. The more I pull the attention away from the thoughts and perceptions, the more I seem to notice myself noticing these things inside my consciousness. Eventually maybe I can pull all of the attention way from all of those layers of thoughts, perceptions, my body, my sensations – and there’s nothing left to perceive. There’s nothing left that I can consider myself because I have seen it all in front as not me. Yet the one thing that remains is this feeling of existence. I am remains. This feeling of I am. What I find when I sit in that state is that what my identity is, is beyond perception. It cannot be perceived, but it is still experienced. This I am is the root of our entire existence. I am is latent in every single aspect of our existence, but just like a fish might never notice the water that it swims in, we might never notice the I am, because it’s covered.

I am is a completely empty experience. It’s devoid of any content, and when I experience it directly, on its own, there’s the possibility for a realization.

Maybe I’m not a human being that has consciousness. Maybe I’m consciousness that is shaped into a human being.

When I see this totally empty experience, there is no content, form, structure – there’s not even a model of space and time that is generated in the mind. We’ve seen those conditions before. 13.7 billion years ago when the entire universe was an undifferentiated pure energy. So just maybe there’s the potential to realize directly, I am that energy. I always have been that energy and I always will be that energy.

Einstein said that thoughts suffer from an optical illusion of consciousness. This illusion that there is a separate person inside an environment, when in reality there’s just energy in motion, everywhere. Just like an ocean is water in motion – we can call a certain part of that ocean a wave but that gives us the illusion that the wave is a separate entity in the ocean. A wave is not in the ocean, a wave is the ocean. Similarly we might not be waves, maybe we’re the ocean. Maybe all of us are energy and we can realize that directly.

This experience could never be reduced to words – because it makes words, but it could be experienced. I think that is such an important experience that people have been trying to name it for thousands of years. They call it spiritual enlightenment. I think that the first human beings started realizing that they were fundamentally energy about 2500 years ago. All of them say the same thing – it is the complete ending of human suffering. Of course it’s the end of human suffering! All suffering is based on the illusory separation that there’s an individual in the environment, that there’s a person that has to survive, that this specific collection of a thousand trillion trillion atoms has to hold itself together. However, if I realize directly that I am energy, and I realize that the body and the mind are a temporary manifestation of that energy, then I can fully accept that the death of the body and the mind was never something that happened to me, because I was always energy and I always will be.

If I were to experience that directly, this voice in my head that tells me I have to do certain things in order to be fulfilled loses all of its power. At this very moment I never have to listen to that voice again. Everything in life becomes a game, for fun; a play. We’ve all experienced that, but it’s very hard to remember, because we were so young. Maybe we were at the beach building a sand castle and the entire world faded away because we were only building it to build it – and we weren’t trying to get somewhere else. We hadn’t even learned how to plan, so the only moment that mattered to us was right now. I think that this experience is so important and powerful that every religious tradition at its core has been trying to convince us of its importance, and if it’s true. – if the true end of all human psychological suffering is actually possible – it is the most important thing science could be studying.

When we look at monks and nuns who have meditated or prayed for thousands of hours we see remarkable shifts on their brain scans. Trillions of neural connections have changed configuration. Along with this quantifiable, objective change in the operating system of the brain, they describe a feeling of undifferentiated, infinite, oneness. To me that sounds like they are having the direct experience of being energy. Enlightenment science and enlightenment engineering would study these ancient technologies of prayer and meditation as data sets to understand what has to change in the structure of a human brain for a human being to understand that they are energy directly. We still have no idea how much modern technology could completely change our ability to understand that. Maybe it’s possible that within our lifetimes we could eradicate human suffering.

What would the world look like then, if every single one of us felt complete, felt whole, and felt interconnected?

When you let go of individual survival, all of your priorities change because you actually see the entire world as your body. You see the suffering of others as your own suffering and you want to help. What is the actual power of a human being to really benefit the world, when they are able to put the priorities of the whole system in front of themselves, even if that means they have to die in the process? How many of us can do that right now?

What if seven billion of us did that?

Maybe the one thing that keeps us from actually solving all of the other problems in the world is this persistent, flawed thought that we are separate from the world. Maybe it’s time we change our minds.”- Jeff Lieberman

January 15, 2016

Great lesson!

This is Shannon blogging this morning. I wanted to tell everyone about an interaction I had with a customer over email.

TS emailed me about getting an energy upgrade on some of her HighChi jewelry.  I suggested to upgrade the Prayer Mala. TS got back to me to say, "I'm not ready yet to upgrade the mala, I love it so much as it right now.  :)"

My reply: "Thank you for teaching me something this morning! Your right the energy on the mala is already perfect! Sometimes it’s better to be right where you are rather than moving on!

Her response: "You guys teach me stuff all the time, happy to return the blessing   ;)"

2016 is the year of Co-Creating and we're off to a brilliant start! We appreciate our customers so much!!! I love my job!


December 18, 2015

More Fun with the Divine Priestess Cube

From one of our wonderful customers!

Recently I was lying on my bed relaxing while watching a video about spiritual entrepreneurs on my phone. I had my headphones on and was holding the Divine Priestess cube in my left hand.

It was giving off the gentle hum that it normally does for me, and I was enjoying the little pulses of energy going up my arm and into my body. After a few minutes of focusing on the video, I felt the energy start settling in my forehead, right in the area of my third-eye chakra.

This was a nice feeling, as though someone was massaging my head from the inside. I relaxed into this feeling for a few minutes and just drifted, enjoying it.

After a few more minutes I noticed a tension in my chest.  It wasn’t unpleasant, just a kind of energetic pressure that would have been easy to miss if I hadn’t been feeling for it. I took the cube and put in on my chest to see what that would do, and the tension was slowly replaced by the gentle humming and pulsing of the cube.

What was really interesting was that after my chest was filled with this positive energy, it seemed like my throat chakra started opening up as well.

I was wearing my High Chi necklace with the blue topaz crystal, so what I think happened was that the Divine Priestess cube was realigning and clearing up my third eye and heart chakras, which then allowed the necklace to do the same for my throat chakra.

The energy from the Priestess cube is very gentle, and I would venture to call it “feminine.” That doesn’t take away from how powerful it is – but it definitely works to balance your divine feminine energy, I think. When I close my eyes and focus on it, there is a gold light associated with it, and I always think of Archangels Gabriel and Jophiel.

I am perpetually amazed by the powerful combination that is created with the cubes and High Chi jewelry.

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