September 21, 2014

Questions from Clients

Recently I received this question from a client:
Do you recommend a particular necklace for anxiety?

The answer is:
We actually have energy fields to release anxiety, that we can upgrade you with, so you can choose anything you like. Also anxiety is fear of the future, so you need to practice the Feel and FlickTechnique to release unexpressed emotions. Fear is an important one, because so many of us are running it and really not aware that we are doing so. There is actually a crisis of fear and a crisis of hope on the planet, and to get to the hope we have to feel the fear. Feeling connected to Source, in gratitude, is the most powerful and loving thing we can do for ourselves, those we love, and for our planet right now, as what we resonate at is what we create. If we want to change our reality, we need to lift our resonance. Which is of course where HighChi Designer Energies come in. HighChi is the Haute Couture of Subtle Energy Technology. We have over 200 Designer Energy Fields, and each of them is impeccable indeed pristine, they lift your resonance. You vibrate at a Higher Resonant frequency and resonating at what you want to create! Be it true Love, Weight Loss, a new Job. You create it so you can become it!

Emotional literacy is being taught at Harvard Business School, and HighChi Power Pieces are tools for emotional literacy. As I always say, HighChi Power Pieces will protect you and they will uplift you, but they will not brush your teeth for you. If we are not in gratitude, then by practicing the Feel and Flick technique, it will release those unexpressed emotions, so we are back in the flow and connected to Source, or God, Goddess, The All That Is.

HighChi now offers Custom Energy Design. We will design the HighChi Power piece that is perfect for what your going through. We need to know what your focus is, and what you want to let go of, and what you want to create in its place. We charge $25 for this services and if you choose 2 energies, we give you an extra free! We have added the energy of grounding to our foundational energy along with the 12 Higher Harmonics, because not only does the body love being grounded, but in order to manifest our dreams in the world, we need to be grounded. As I always say, "If you're not in your body, who is?" For more info please contact Deborah.