July 21, 2015

First Experience with HighChi Energy Jewelry

This is the experience of one of our clients:

I had never heard of High Chi before the first time I went to the Wellness Festival in Sun Valley. The whole thing was a thrilling experience, with so many people and things to see.

I wanted to see what was at all the booths, but to be honest I wasn’t that interested in jewelry. My mom makes beautiful gemstone jewelry, and I already have more pieces that I can reasonably wear on a weekly basis.

But something about the pieces at the High Chi table made me pause. At first I thought it was just because they were so shiny (I’ve wondered if that is part of having Crow and Raven as a couple of my spirit animals – I am mesmerized by shiny objects.) But as I was looking at the stuff, I realized it was more than that.

Deborah and I started chatting, and she let me hold one of the gold necklaces. I think it had an amethyst on it, and it was a wonderful warm feeling. But I’m not a big fan of gold for some reason. I love silver, and so she picked up one of the silver necklaces – this one had the high chi pendant, the flower of life pendant, and a blue topaz crystal on it – and placed it in my left palm.

The effect it had was instantaneous. I could feel the energy moving into my left arm and then through my whole body, and I felt the effect of the blue topaz in my throat chakra. It was like it was just opening up like a lotus, and it was both a physical and spiritual sensation.

But what was even more interesting to me was that my “angel spot” fired up. Right in between my shoulder blades, I get a certain sensation when my angels are talking to me. It’s difficult to describe, but the closest I can come to it is to say that if you could have silver fire – something shivery cold but warm at the same time – that’s what it would feel like.

This sensation flared up, and it felt so good! I was being told that this was a powerful object, and something worth getting.

The most interesting part to me, even more than my own experience, was that my son reacted to it as well. Brom was only a couple months old at the time, and I was carrying him around the Wellness Festival in a Maya sling. He had either slept or played possum through the whole thing, hardly acknowledging anyone or anything.

When I held the necklace and felt all that power surge through me, he opened his eyes and squirmed suddenly, as though he has felt the power too. He looked up at me with a startled expression, and then smiled a little and relaxed, closing his eyes again. And I handled different pieces, he would squirm or open his eyes here and there.

After we left the High Chi table, he didn’t react to anything again until we left the festival. So I knew he had sensed the same surge of power that I had.

I handle a lot of crystals, talismans, and other objects that have spiritual and energetic meaning, and I can safely say that the High Chi pieces are some of the most powerful and high-vibrating items I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.