February 28, 2017

Mars Evocation Protection Testimonial from Deborah


Dear Ones,

Another energy you might want to consider if you have not already used it, is Mars Evocation Protection. The energy “appeared” on my desk, and then on my computer when I opened it up the following day. I immediately put my family on it, with the chi cubes on the first “whisper” and at the 2nd sighting or shout, i put myself on it. The next morning I was on my way to an early morning row on San Francisco Bay, and I was zipping through Sausalito, impatient to get to my club. There was a young child on a bike who was very unsteady at the beginning of the crosswalk on the other side of the street and he turned back when he saw me. His father was there so he must have called to him. I remember thinking to myself that he was too young to ride a bike on the street.

When I got to my club and got out of my car, a man pulled up in his, and in a very calm and direct voice, told me that I was going 35 mph in a 25 mph zone, and that I could have hit that child. He said, "You need to slow down” twice, and looked me directly in the eyes. I was a bit shocked, and I told him I would. Then he drove off. It then dawned on me what this “Angel" had done for me. Had I not had that warning and continued to drive that way, I surely could have had an accident, that would have changed the lives of those involved forever. My impact would have been terrible.

It’s very interesting as when we are about to have the success we’ve always dreamt of, or what I would call brilliant success, there is often a part of ourselves that self sabotages that success. I believe this is what was occurring for me.

Our research is going to a whole new level in energy medicine, I have found my market with my Energy Jewelry - the lives of so many of my clients are getting so much better, as well as my family and friends. All is truly well. Yet that could have changed in an instant. It may or may not have been the Mars Evocation Energy for Protection in Danger, that called in this Angel. However like all the things that happen synergistically and quite magically with the Chi Cubes, I believe that energy with the Ancient Egyptian Sacred Geometric Prayers definitely helped. In using the Chi Cube I asked for protection, and there it was. Mars is also known to be protection in battle or physical danger, so excellent for any battle, be they legal or otherwise. I don’t leave home without it.
Big Blessings,