Letter from Power Piece Winner!

We did the drawing for our HighChi Power Piece Pendant and the lucky winner was Linda from California. She gave us permission to share the email she sent us. This is such a wonderful story!
I received the necklace and couldn't have felt more loved with the divine!!!!!
My son was out on a camping trip at his school and I waited 4 hours yesterday to pick him up (busses broke down twice). Needless to say, I was wiped, but more importantly he was a mess. He hadn't slept (rain), broke his thumb, "friends" weren't the nicest.... (however he had a shamanic session a few weeks ago and the shaman stopped midsession and said that she hadn't ever worked on someone like this... because his energy was so clean!!- that he was an indigo child, and that the world was not quite ready for him yet... he is 14, I raised him completely by myself. I have dedicated my life to his young life to establish a platform for him to fly beautifully, kindly, and with ease through life!!)
I am telling you this because I must have received the package last week, but thought it was something my son ordered (he had ordered small pieces of lego machinery bc he perpetually builds) and placed it on his desk.
In the midst of arriving home, (and in the despair of his exhaustion and circumstances) he meticulously opened the bag. He said, "I think this if for you mom". I popped up from my worn out energy and nearly cried. the energy emanating from the stunning piece of jewelry was something I can barely describe. It was highly vibratory and strong and dispelled any stress I had in my body and mind from the day. It was miraculous, amazing, beautiful. My son and I just looked at each other, gave each other a hug, teared, and then sat in amazement at the beauty of the piece. It couldn't be more perfect. and that is a solid statement. I love everything about it, everything. I put it on and my life just seemed to light up.
I am at a crossroads in my life, where I now, want to increase my vibration, live life with more ease, joy, happiness, and fluidity. The words on the pendant are perfect and the stone is my all time favorite. I would have taken a picture right there, as you could barely see my face, the pendant was working energetically to lift all vibration. We could both feel it.
I am so grateful and humbled. Thank you so much. I really can't thank you enough, so grateful.
Much much love,