Chi Cubes and Their Irresistible Pull

I love my Chi Cubes. I don’t give them as much attention as I would like to, but it is always nice to know that they are here, and sitting on a small snip of my hair in my office.

I now have a toddler in the house, and so I don’t spend a whole lot of time in my office. There is a lot of fragile and just toddler-unfriendly things in there, including my altar that holds all my most important energetic objects.

The other day my son managed to get into my office, and I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I wasn’t watching him carefully. For awhile he just played in my highlighters and pens, so I figured everything was fine. Until I realized he’d gotten too quiet.

My heart leapt into my throat as I swiveled around in my chair, thinking of all the things he could have gotten into, but he was just standing next to my altar. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that image – my 13 month old, in nothing but a diaper, with a highlighter in one hand and a Chi Cube in the other.

What struck me was how quiet he was being, standing there with the Cube in his left hand, his attention fixated on it. He slowly turned and held it out to show me, and smiled like it was the best thing he’d seen all day. I let him hold it for another minute until his attention span gave out, and then he calmly handed it to me and went back to playing with acceptable things. (If you’ve had toddlers, you know this can be odd in and of itself.)

Out of curiosity, I checked to see what Cube he’d had. It was Jupiter.

This whole experience was interesting, but even more so today, when he made it into my office again and headed straight for the altar. The other day the Cubes were stacked and he toppled them, so I thought maybe he grabbed the Jupiter one just because it was closest. But I hadn’t restacked the Cubes, instead letting them sit in a messy line until I decide how to restack them.

He reached up, grabbed a Cube, and again just stood there looking at it and smiling – and it was Jupiter again.

It’s one thing for us to choose energetic items that we think and feel will give us the boost we need. But there is really something special about watching a baby being attracted to a certain object, when they aren’t reading the word on it, and they don’t know what it’s for.

All my son knows is that he loves the energy of that Cube, and to me that shows the power and benefit of them.

What is interesting is that since he held the Cube the first time, he seems calmer. We were going through a period of frustration due to teething, and he’s learning how to communicate his needs – which is a long and not always smooth process. Now he’s been much calmer and seems more confident in his interactions. I think I’ll be taking a lock of his hair from his first haircut and putting it under the Jupiter Cube today, and see what happens.