May 17, 2016

Blue Topaz to open up your Throat Chakra!

Today I had a lot of big things to do and say.

I found myself staring at my coffee maker this morning, feeling wholly unprepared for everything that was vying for my attention, and procrastinating on doing anything.

I had important videos to make for my business, coaches that were waiting for answers on projects, a friend/client I need to talk to, but who just found out her sister is dying from cancer . . . and my mind was flooded with all of it.

The idea of trying to start in on communicating any of it made me want to run and hide . . . until I remembered I had an exercise for this!

I practically ran to my room and got my High Chi necklace that I had forgotten to put on first thing (like I normally do!) I stood for a minute with it in my left hand, using a quick and personal version of the “feel and flick” exercise. Then I put the necklace on with the Blue Topaz crystal, and took a few deep breaths, focusing on my throat chakra.

Everything was tight right there, and felt very uncomfortable, so I just relaxed and let the necklace ease the tension I was feeling. I let my throat chakra open up, and went to take care of the easiest thing on my list. After that, everything was easy to sink into and get done.

I can’t even count the number of times the necklace and blue topaz crystal have helped me to open my throat chakra and sort out my communication!