November 18, 2015

My First Chi-Cube Experience (It’s a Doozy!)

This is the experience of one of our clients.

When I first got my High-Chi stuff, I was obviously super excited. But what was funny is that in a way I missed the box arriving.

We were about to head out of town for the weekend, and I had been impatiently waiting for this little package to arrive because #1 – I didn’t want it sitting in my mailbox all weekend, and #2 – I wanted the weekend to explore and experience it.

My husband was getting everything ready to go while I was watching the baby, and I said, “I really hope the package gets here soon. I don’t want it to arrive tomorrow.” He told me that it wouldn’t be arriving tomorrow. Confused, I said, “You think it will be here Monday?” He told me it definitely wouldn’t be here Monday.

He left me hanging for a couple minutes and then pointed to a small box sitting on the breakfast bar. He’d brought it in when he got home, and left it there to see if I’d notice it.

It’s strange for me to not notice things like that, and when I thought back over the past couple hours I realized that I had looked at the box a few times, but it seemed so natural there I didn’t think much of it. The vibration of the box said “I’m here and home” and so I let it be.

Of course as soon as he pointed out that it was there I had to get into it and see everything. I told him I was having a moment of “Is THAT what I’ve been feeling?!” and he said even he had been feeling a low-level vibration at the base of his neck and down his spine.

The first thing I have to note is that everything was packaged so beautifully! I still have the little box the Cubes came in because sometimes I take them with me when I go somewhere, and it’s nice to have something that fits half-a-dozen of them so perfectly.

The cubes were a little smaller than I pictured them, but this was actually a good thing in my opinion. The cubes are a nice size to fit in the palm of your hand, and they will actually fit into a pocket as well – but they aren’t so small that you’ll lose it if you put it under your pillow.

As soon as I had the box of them in my hand, I could feel their energy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, honestly, because while I deal with energy all the time personally and professionally, the idea of these little cubes was hard to wrap my mind around. How can such a little thing hold so much power? But they were intriguing, and Shannon was so excited about them, so I knew I had to give them a try.

The first cube I took out of the box was “Jupiter.” Immediately I felt a humming that pulsed down my arm to between my shoulder blades. It was a wonderful sensation, but a surprisingly intense pulsing that seemed to come from the bones in my spine.

Compared to that, the “Success/Power” cube had a much lighter feeling. Its pulses were faster and closer together, and settled into the back of my neck. 

Third, I pulled out the “Divine Priestess” cube, and it sent a gentle feeling of motion to my solar plexus. It was a very empowering but at the same time comforting feeling.

Every cube creates very different feelings in my body, because each cube has such a different vibration. Within a few minutes of handling the cubes, it was easy for me to see how they could greatly enhance a person’s energy and give them the boosts that they want and need in their lives.

To see what would happen (and to be a brat) my husband grabbed “Jupiter” and “Success/Power” and dropped them into my palm alongside the “Divine Priestess.” I laughed and did what was probably a very goofy little dance because the energy of these cubes combined was intense.

It is already very easy for me to see how stacking these cubes can exponentially boost and change their energy and dynamic.