Celtic Cross - Sacred Geometry

$ 96.00

Crossroads, decision making, clarity, motivation and gratitude.

Excellent for decision making there are times in our lives when we must make changes in order to grow and manifest what we most desire. This is a time of crossroads. It is a time of choice. We can choose to grow out of fear and anger, or we can choose to grow out of love and gratitude. Encoded with gratitude, the celtic cross from our Crossroads Collection can help the wearer to evolve and choose wisely. Also imbued with the Higher Harmonic of Gold, which is said to be wonderful for attracting physical abundance, its anti aging properties, strengthen the immune system and release toxins from the body. The amethyst inserted in the center will help to calm and stabilize the mind, opening intuitive and psychic abilities.

The Celtic Cross is worn by both men and women often alone on a CHI CHAIN NECKLACE BUT IS ALSO EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE WHEN WORN with the BYZANTINE CROSS.

 Celtic cross
thick. 1/16"=2mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 9/16"=14mm
width 9/16"=14mm

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