Chi Bands

$ 19.00

HighChi Chi Bands: Resonate at What you want to create be it Leadership. Life Force, Healing, Love, or Success!

Made of pharmaceutical grade silicone which bonds extremely well to subtle energy, the Chi Bands are power-houses of pure energy. Great for sports, yoga and meditation, they can be used safely and effectively by children and adults. Chi Bands work synergistically with other HighChi products so wearing them with your HighChi Power Pieces and Chi Cubes, allows you to resonate more highly at what you want to create. It's all about the law of attraction. What we resonate at is what we attract into our lives.

Wear the Chi bands on your left arm close to the skin and feel their protective uplifting and grounding energies enter through your left arm, cross your heart meridian and down your right arm.

 You can wear 2 - 3 at a time for even more energy!

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