Chi Charm Wrap Bracelet and Necklace

$ 1,800.00
Sterling Silver 925
18K Gold Plating

Have it all with this unique Power Piece regrouping a combination of Chi Charms including a pair of both Byzantine and Celtic Crosses with Amethysts, promoting clarity, gratitude and acceptance. Our 36" Medium Sailor Link allows you to wear this Power Piece as a necklace for both opening and protecting your heart chakra. It can also be worn as a wrap bracelet. Wear it on your left wrist to receive the full energy benefits. 

Buddha for enlightenment, self-esteem and  courage

Kwan Yin for compassion, forgiveness and love

Ganesh for joy, success and good fortune

Lakshmi for beauty, grace and abundance

Saraswati for vision, memory and communication. 

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