Life Energy Amplifier InnerSex System

$ 4,200.00

LEA InnerQuest – An Energy System to Release Blockages and Awaken Bliss.

Amplify your sexual energy and open your consciousness to sexual Ecstasy! Live the bliss of beauty and sensual health!

Basic LEA InnerQuest System: $4,200
Includes: one 11" electrode - Far Infrared Plating with your choice of 24 kt Gold or Platinum. The Bliss Factor book, Coaching Self Inquiry Workbook with 10 audiocassettes, and an LEA audio and videocassette.

Deluxe LEA InnerQuest System: $6,000
Includes: two 11" wands, Far Infrared Plating with your choice of 24 kt Gold or Platinum. One bottle of OxyVital The Bliss Factor Book, Coaching Self Inquiry Workbook with 9 audiocassettes, and an LEA audio and Video cassette. Also includes Deborah Stuarts paper: "33 Seconds To Create Exactly What You Want" Please add $900 for formula 5 Includes your choice of 24kt Gold or Platinum with - Gold, Nickel, Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum underneath.

The Life Energy Amplifier InnerQuest™ model helps develop your potential as an ecstatic lover. It opens up your consciousness to a deeper sensitivity to intimacy through an ecstatic heart to heart connection with your lover, your self and those that you love. This instrument serves as an amplifier of sexual healing energy. It assists in the release of armoring such as fear, tension and stress that inhibit full sexual functioning and sexual exploration. As one releases these blockages the chakras (energy centers) open, Kundalini energy rises, the senses are energized and the chi or life force circulation of the body is unblocked and harmonized. These blockages are often the cause of sexual dysfunction and prostate conditions. The InnerQuest system is the energetic process of blissfully awakening the pleasure response or erotic response through whole body orgasms.

Expanded whole body orgasms are a multi dimensional integration brought about by the expansion of sexual energy beyond the physical body or ego boundaries. It is a clearing of the emotional and attitudinal bodies where self-limiting belief systems inhibit sexual bliss. Amplified vital life energy is a key factor in the release of sexual traumatic cellular memory. Once past sexual trauma is released one's sexual experience is sourced from the now, spontaneously fresh and new without the over shadowing inhibition of the past that dictates preprogrammed reaction.

When you amplify or vitalize your sexual energy you touch the very core of your being much as the Tantra and meditation masters have for ages. Deep sexual intimacy is something that happens to an open, vital, blissful and still mind. This release of set patterning allows an expanded depth in feeling to serve as a communication line to further deepen sensual awareness. In this expanded awareness deep eroticism can be fully experienced. It is this peak experience of the liberation of feeling and sensation that dramatically affects the whole being: body, mind and spirit. This oneness of body, mind and spirit is the secret to expanded and extended orgasms. It is a true experience of self-love. It is an orgasm that extends into your life and into your very core fabric of self-expression. It transforms love making into both a truly spiritual and very erotic experience. It is the core energy of personal empowerment through the restoration of sexual vitality. It is the blissful liberation of ecstatic feeling.

Releasing Sexual Trauma with the InnerQuest System

My name is Dr. Norman McVea and I want to share with you a technology for amplifying your sexual vitality and having the orgasms of your life. Fifteen years ago I came across a clinical instrument in Germany that amplified and transmitted energetic remedies into the body’s energetic field. I further developed this computerized instrument to be able to clear, balance and vitalize the second chakra or the sexual energetic center as a therapeutic agent to release sexual trauma.

This soft electrode is inserted vaginally or rectally and waves of bliss flow through those body parts. These vital energy waves clear energetic blocks such as stress producing emotions, attitudes, belief systems and all other forms of traumatic cellular memory thereby opening up deep feeling. The resultant high is a sensual bliss state that is optimum for heightened sexual awareness and sexual creativity.

When men self-administer this device rectally it stimulates the prostate to create more testosterone and dilates the capillaries and arteries that carry blood to the genitals. It also vitalizes the prostate for multiple orgasms. The result is the feeling of being on the edge of orgasm through out the experience!

When self-administered vaginally it stimulating the nerve endings, throbs the G-spot, energizes the clitoris and releases inhibition. Many women will have female ejaculations due to the deep level of sexual release generated by the sensuous bliss waves. These orgasms are very primal in nature and free up sexual vitality culminating in erotic Goddess style, self-empowerment.

The resulting heightened awareness, clarity and incredible sense of well being lasts for days afterwards.

This computerized instrument called InnerQuest was first researched for releasing traumatic cellular memory from rape, incest, molestation, sexual trauma etc. When the test subjects reported not only feeling released and empowered sexually but having the best orgasms of their lives the word got out fast.

We at Oxygen Research Institute have developed the state of the art sexual turn on that is physically and mentally rejuvenating as well. Some call it a “smart dildo” but most refer to it as a catalystic sex partner that transforms their sexual experience into ecstatic bliss. Many also report the sense of their sexuality connecting with their spirituality, and many core judgements or mental baggage related to sexuality falling away, leaving one with an wonderful sense of being connected to something greater than themselves.

This device is called the InnerQuest. The audiotape is called 5D Sound CD Formula 2. We have been on many TV shows (videotape available) and I have written a book on this technology called The Bliss Factor.

Many of our customers say that they have become temporarily hoarse from groaning in so much sexual pleasure!


How to use your InnerQuest System

If you're a meditator, you might want to spend some time meditating with your wands as that will get you used to the energy. Also your meditations will be so much deeper and clearer, as will your guidance. You can hold both wands in your hands or just place them in your lap. If you work with crystals you can also use the wands to clear them. It's all about intention. The LEA InnerQuest System is also excellent for releasing stuck emotions, beliefs, painful experiences, attitudes, or even shame. Go back to the incident in meditation and ask for it to be lifted.

Many practitioners sleep with Formula 5, as it's very blissful and anti-aging too. They find they're better able to lucid dream with it, and are much more conscious in dream states. The Formula 2 is too energizing to sleep with. You can check the Formula just above where the narrow part of the wand meets the thicker part as it's engraved.

Vaginal & Rectal Insertion: In having two wands you can insert one vaginally and/or rectally and hold the other or place it on your body. Make sure you put the wand cover on the Formula Electrode, and the put a condom on top of that. Just be intuitive about what's best for you. You'll find that by inserting the wand either vaginally or rectally, that it's extremely clearing as energetic blockages come up. It may be an emotion, attitude, belief, or traumatic cellular memory. What's extremely helpful is to either speak about what's coming up, or putting a sound on it is extremely powerful as well. You don't even need to know what is coming up, just sound it out. Ahhhh works really well. Also you may get to a place where you feel so uncomfortable, and you want to be anywhere but where you are with a wand inside you. This can often be accompanied by a burning sensation either vaginally or rectally. Just know it will pass, you're actually releasing blockages. The only way out is through, so hang in there, sound it out and you'll be so glad you did. Once you're through the blocked energy and emotions, the levels of pleasure and orgasm become stronger and stronger. You'll also discover that the level of clarity afterwards feels so amazing, and usually lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 days.

You may want to book a therapist to work with or even your partner, as it's a big confront, especially when you're dealing with old past issues related to any kind of sexual abuse, or even parental issues.

Working with Your Partner: It can be extremely pleasurable and a lot of fun, especially when your partner massages your G-Spot, sacred spot, or prostate with the InnerQuest Wand. This is where we store a lot of emotions, particularly fear, so sometimes it does get uncomfortable but stay with it - the only way out is through. Remember to sound it out. Once you're through the blockages, the levels of pleasure and orgasms are quite amazing!

Sex Magic: At the time of Orgasm you're most connected with your Higher Self- God, Goddess, All That Is, The Divine. This is the time to visualize yourself having what you want. It's an extremely powerful manifesting technique, and remember to do it with all the joy, love, and gratitude that you can. Yes, that's a tall order at the point of orgasm, and it works! You can also put your desire on the input plate of the amplifier, or even a picture of what you want to create. See Deborah Stuartt's paper on the 33 second technique for manifesting for more details.

PROSTATE MASSAGE: For your partner I recommend massaging his prostate with the wand inserted as this is where he stores all his emotions, particularly fear. This can lead to erectile and sexual dysfunction, as well as prostate conditions, and massaging the prostate with the InnerQuest wand releases blocked emotions, attitudes choices and decisions, as well as traumatic cellular memory on the cellular level. You may want to massage his penis at the same time, particularly if he's not used to having his prostate massaged, as at first it can feel uncomfortable. In time he will find it quite pleasurable. Also by massaging the penis at the same time, it is more pleasurable for your partner, and when working with his prostate is wonderful for him and we have a lot of clients with prostate conditions who are successfully using the wands to release the stress, fear, and other blocked emotions that gets stored there. Margo Anand has an excellent book on Tantric Sex, as do Charles and Caroline Muir. Call us, and we can give you more information.

Erectile Dysfunction: Many men who are experiencing prostate conditions, also experience erectile dysfunction. Many have reported that not only does the InnerQuest System increase their sexual pleasure and functioning, but they have the InnerQuest Wand for themselves as well as their partner, so lovemaking is so much more relaxed and enjoyable, as they no longer feel the pressure of having to perform.


  • Released Inhibitions. Release stressful emotions, attitudes and belief systems that cloud your mind thereby shutting off sexual sensation.
  • Extended Orgasm.The orgasm that extends into your life. Clear, vitalize and amplify your sexual energy.
  • Increased Sexual Vitality. Clear and energize your second chakra and amplify your sexual energy for stronger stimulation and orgasm.
  • Increased Intimacy. Release attention stuck on past events so you come into the moment. Gain spiritual awareness through experiencing deep, erotic levels of passion, loving sensations and blissful feelings.
  • Prostate Pleasure. Stimulate and vitalize your prostate and pleasure yourself into another universe. Wonderful for accessing past lifetimes.
  • Sexuality + Spirituality. The Life Energy Amplifier InnerQuest System will help you connect your sexuality with your spirituality.
  • Sensual Massage.  Free your blocked feelings so that your full awareness is available for letting go of tension, and creating and experiencing deep pleasuring.
  • Sexual Stamina.  The InnerQuest system energizes your entire being so that you are centered in bliss, with a higher mental clarity. You are at your best.
  • Develop your intuitive and subtle energy perceptions by experiencing all the different energetic formulations, and soon you'll be able to "feel" the difference.


    We've been given a lot of misinformation about the true nature of our sexuality. On some deep subconscious level many of us feel that sex is dirty or wrong. These beliefs and attitudes cause us to behave in ways that keep us from discovering the amazing truth about who we truly are.

    We highly recommend bringing your InnerQuest System to any massage, chiropractic, bodywork or healing sessions you're having, as well as using them with your clients, as the process will go much deeper. You can also insert whenever it's appropriate, as the level of clearing and resultant clarity is truly amazing. Please visit our web site at for even more information

    Remember the love and enjoy the journey!

    InnerQuest Systems are not to be used while operating heavy machinery.

    Note: All Bliss Pak’s and Wands are now upgraded energetically with the 12 Higher Harmonics, so we are including only one large magnet.  There are small neodymium magnets inside each wand, which excite the noble gasses, however we have tested the wands energetically and they test better with only one large magnet. With more than one the energy is no longer balanced, because it’s too much energy.

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